Dead Sea Minerals Skin Care

by Eyal

Keeping our skin healthy is an important part of a modern lifestyle, as it not only makes us look better and feel better too, as we get older we have to be more careful about what we put on our skin.

There are numerous products on the market that promise to nourish your skin and provide them with various vitamins and minerals, and many of these products contain lab-created, unnatural chemicals. None pack in as many different benefits as Dead Sea minerals. Because products using Dead Sea-based salts (or other forms of the minerals) contain such a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, they’re able to have a greater nourishing and beautifying effect on the skin than other products.

Dead Sea MineralThe biggest problem that people face with their skin is that of moisture levels. Some people suffer from dry skin, which can be itchy and sore, and others suffer from skin that’s too oily, which can be unsightly and cause pores to become clogged, leading to acne. Just living a normal, everyday life can cause the skin’s natural balance to become unstable, and the best way to deal with these very common problems is by applying and using products that contain minerals found in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea minerals that are helpful to skin maintenance are boron, bromine, calcium, iodine, lithium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, strontium, sulfur and zinc.

Minerals from Dead Sea

Boron: helps to reduce and relieve symptoms of dry, flaky skin.

Bromine: relaxes the nerves under the skin, calms facial muscles and works as an anti-inflammatory substance to reduce swelling and puffiness.

Calcium: helps to protect and regenerate skin cells and cells under the surface of the skin.

Iodine: helps skin cells in their everyday functions and metabolizing processes, which means that they stay healthier for longer.

Lithium: enables other minerals to have a greater effect on the skin, and is especially useful in helping to reduce flakiness.

Magnesium: probably the most useful mineral for skin, as it aids regeneration and skin cell growth as well as providing anti-allergenic benefits, which reduce swelling and its appearance. Magnesium also stimulates cells to work more efficiently.

Manganese: a very powerful anti-oxidant mineral, whilst also stimulating the skin cells so that they increase circulation, which reduces the visible effects of aging on the skin by reducing swelling and making the skin more taut.

Potassium: a highly active and effective mineral for regulating moisture levels and keeping them at the right level to maintain a natural balance.

Sodium: Reduces fatigue in muscles under the skin as well as improving skin cell function.

Strontium: soothes irritation and itchiness caused by dry skin and dermatitis (often caused by sensitivity to other beauty and skincare products).

Sulfur: great for treating acne, as it’s naturally anti-bacterial and has disinfectant properties and this keeps the skin free of everything that shouldn’t be there.

Zinc: highly effective at stimulating skin cell growth, repair and regeneration. It also works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substance, making it useful in treating a number of skin problems.

MineralsWith so many benefits to all of the factors of skin maintenance and health, Dead Sea minerals genuinely are the best option.


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