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Canaan Dead Sea Cosmetics Skin Care

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Dead Sea Cosmetics products

Canaan Minerals & Herbs Dead Sea Cosmetics Skin Care for millions of people around the globe have since time immemorial visited the Dead Sea for various reasons. Intention of majority, however, being to refresh the beauty of the body, to experience its healing to the skin, and to relax. Dead Sea salts and mud are purely natural.

Dead Sea cosmetic skin care is thus certainly beneficial to the health of your skin. Dead Sea contains minerals that have proved to be very beneficial in treating many kind of diseases. Among them skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, acne, dandruff, and dermatitis among others. Because of their immense ability to nourish skin cells, they are the basis of intelligent natural skin care. They are used in manufacturing of cosmetics and other herbal solutions beneficial to the health of the skin. Some of the minerals contained by the Dead Sea are naturally present in the human body. The body requires them to function properly. Minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium, found in the Dead Sea are better known as natural moisturizing factors. They are responsible for the skin’s ability to replenish itself. At the old age, the Dead Sea helps in reactivating these minerals.  

Dead Sea Cosmetic products Dead Sea SPA Dead Sea SPA line contains the quite powerful force of CSE Complex™. This complex is able to combine with minerals from Dead Sea, plant extract from Dead Sea region, plus high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, and E. This makes Canaan SPA line to be unique with great effect on the skin cells.

Argan Oil Skin Care Mogador skin care was created following an extensive research. It is an innovative product range exclusively created to treat face related problems. This product is formulated with active ingredients that responds to facial needs. It has powerful moisturizing properties that are vital for the health of your facial cells.

Dead Sea Cosmetic skin care products have been confirmed to have great nourishing effects on the skin. Some of these products are;

Dead Sea facial skin care line; this product is confirmed to have the powerful force of CSE Complex™. It combines with minerals from the Dead Sea, some of the best plant extracts from the Dead Sea region, and high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, and E. This in addition to oil based plants like avocado among others that are absorbed easily by the skin have a very powerful nourishing effects on the skin, and leave a soft feeling.

Canaan Cosmetics Canaan facial skin care treatment line; This Dead Sea cosmetic skin care  has a quite unique and great effect on the skin cells especially when combined with oil based plants like avocado among others.

Canaan's hand cream; Dry weather tend to make skin dry. However, with Canaan's hand cream made from rich Dead Sea minerals your hands will remain nourished.

Dead Sea cosmetic skin care has been enhanced by combining local plants found in the Dead Sea region. This provides some great beneficial like soothing qualities, anti-bacterial. It also help in the restoration of skin cells, creates a protective skin layer on top of the wounded skin layer. Other beneficial effects are; provision of anti-infection qualities, helps in stopping bleeding, and protects and moisturize the skin.

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