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How to Be Happy: 7 Things You Should Know

Posted by Eyal Manerva on

How to Be Happy


Many say happiness is inborn, while others say happiness is triggered by external factors such as money. The question is, how can you be happy and define your state of being beyond mere statements many ascribe to? If you were to conduct a survey to find out why someone is happy, there is no doubt the findings will be overwhelming.

People attribute their happiness to a number of things and interestingly, what makes someone happy, many make not work for you but instead make you one of the saddest people who ever lived. However, while there are variations where it comes to measuring the extent to which someone is happy, it is imperative to look into the shortcomings as well.

Happy Life

You will come across someone who is happy because he or she has achieved some financial status. In addition, someone is happy because of his or her family. There are also those people who derive their happiness from nature. To them, nature walk is something elevating and liberating from daily stresses. Another important thing to look into whenever you are seeking happiness is how long something can make you joyful. Well, there are people who look for long lasting factors that will forever trigger happiness in their lives.

How to be happy

On the other hand, there are those whose quest for happiness is hinged on temporary factors. While each of these will contribute towards the definition of happiness, it is important to note that it takes an inert feeling to stay happy all your life. Perhaps you are sad because you are not doing some things done by happy people. This then brings to the fore the question of, how can one be happy? Are there universal means to being happy? While a leap into the web will open ways to many tips on how to be happy, only a few put them into practice. On this premise, this post puts together some good read tips you should know if you want to be happy, so look hereafter.

Happiness is inborn

To be happy, one of the things you should take into account is never to rely on others to make you happy. At the very least, happiness comes from within each person. Well, this is all about identifying your weaknesses and strengths. It is also about understanding that living a life of sadness shortens one’s lifespan and so, the only choice everyone has is to choose happiness. It is all about knowing what inspires you, what inspires your day and what keeps you going.

Happiness is about the little things you do

You don’t need to build a big house to be happy; neither do you need to buy a supercar to stay joyful. Identify the little things in life that make people happy and get started on a journey of happiness.

Making good use of every moment



Every minute is an opportunity to be happier, so do not slide back to thoughts that provoke sadness no matter how difficult situations may be.

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