5 Secret Things you didn’t know about DEAD SEA COSMETICS



We all need a skincare regimen that works, without which conditions such as psoriasis and rushes would be prevalent and more so, difficult to treat. As rising temperatures continue to redefine global climatic, sun rays are getting stronger and weather, harsher. Thus, a question everyone needs to ask is this: Are you applying the best sunscreen protection on your skin or just anything that qualifies as cosmetics?

The truth is that with so many cosmetics from which to choose the best, landing a good one cane time-consuming. It is why; if we are not shopping with the help of product review blogs, then we must stick to trusted brands like Baldwin Men care products and Canaan range of cosmetics.

And, while you may have heard about the popularity in the skincare product shops that is not as far it goes. In this post, get ready to discover little-know things, or rather, five secrets no one ever told you about the Dead Sea cosmetics.


1.    They are natural

mineral salts

Lots of skincare products you buy in the market today have undergone heavy processing, something which involves addition of harmful chemicals. But, did you know Dead Sea cosmetics are purely natural? Well, apart from being high percent made from natural extracts and mineral salts, something which make them outstanding in the market.


2.    They have magical healing properties


People suffering from serious skin conditions like eczema and dry feet travel thousands of miles to go swim in the Dead Sea because evidence shows that the waters are magically healing. Therefore, skincare products from this part of the world would never disappoint.

3.    Dead Sea mud is a powerful exfoliate and scrub

Dead Sea mud

Skin irritation is a common occurrence, especially of you don’t make a good choice of exfoliates. However, that wouldn’t be the case if you choose Dead Sea mud, one of the most powerful, gentle variants because it will never react with your skin. It does not only leave your skin looking young, but also regenerates skin cells so that you are always glowing with beauty.


4.    Powerhouse of nature’s most trace mineral salts

mineral salts


Come to think about it. You spend lots of money buying many skincare products only to end up with more problems than good. However, that will not be the case with Dead Sea Cosmetics. They have everything you would need to keep your skin glowing with radiance and beauty. From ingredients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphate, Sulphates to sodium, they are the secret to a healthy skin.

5.    The oldest of all spa skincare products

Ancient kingdoms

Ancient rulers of empires and kingdoms trooped to the Dead Sea to have a firsthand experience with its magical waters, and on return, they would carry tons of salts on horsebacks for home spa experiences.  

The catch here is that the story Dead Sea Cosmetics is as old as the hills, yet a culture that took place many centuries ago continue to thrive today. Most high-end spas all over the world rely immensely on these products to give clients a lifetime massage therapy and skin treatment.



skin care shop

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