9 Best Dead Sea Products in the Market Today

Best Dead Sea Products


Best Dead Sea Products

People from all lifestyles have for centuries now, travelled across continents visiting the Dead Sea. Their aim: To experience the healing properties of Earth’s most magical waters. Cleopatra was here and so are many other greats who ruled over kingdoms many centuries ago. This post walks you through some of the best Dead Sea Products in cosmetic market today. But, before further ado, let’s take a look at a few things everyone should know before designing body care regimen.

Dead Sea products: Sources of hope to everyone’s desire for a beautiful skin

Fast forward to 21st Century, research on modern practices in cosmetology would be incomplete without mention Dead Sea salt, water, minerals and mud. From these, vital extracts of Mother Nature come. Naturally scented and powerfully transforming, the story of Israel’s many months of sunshine every year diminishes into a beautiful tale of factories setup to manufacture some of the world’s best beautician’s necessities. You wouldn’t have guessed right, is it?

Revelations you read on Israeli’s skincare blogs of people healing from skin conditions such as psoriasis after swimming in Dead Sea, covering themselves in its mud or scrubbing their body using salt from this part of the world are purebred truth.

Wide-ranging Benefits for lovers of Dead Sea Products

From Ahava, Baldwin men care to Queen Odelia range of skincare products, there is something for everyone who wishes to transform their skin. Whether you want to get rid of dry or flaky (scaly) skin, restoration of skin’s beauty and radiance is possible if you make the right choice.

Moreover, if your soles/feet keep cracking due to harsh weather conditions, a salt scrub wouldn’t disappoint. Some of the world’s best hair shampoos, bathing gels, salt scrubs, bath salts and mud contain minerals such as magnesium, sodium, Potassium, Sodium, Iodine, Calcium and other essential salts from the Dead Sea. No wonder people who use these products are some of the happiest.

For example, the right amount of salt scrubs in your bath water improves blood circulation to the skin and brings about a happy relaxing mood.

Anyone who has swam in buoyant waters of the lake can attest to a feeling of rejuvenation and improved skin suppleness weeks after embarking from the Dead Sea.

9 Best products with Dead Sea benefits in cosmetic stores

Thus far, let’s look at some of the best anti aging skincare products from earth’s saltiest lake you could find in a drug store near you. Remember, you can always order from Dead Sea cosmetic stores at unbelievably affordable prices.

1. Argan Oil Night Cream by Mogador for Normal to Dry Skin


A non-oily cream enriched with revitalizing and moisturizing components is what makes Argan Oil Night Cream a best seller in the market today. It is a combination of Shea Butter, Jojoba and Argan oil in a complex called JAS ORGANIC to give you a soothing and relaxing sleep every night.  Other ingredients that make up this product are emollient herb known as Plantago Ovata with medicinal value, natural moisturizers such as hydrolyzed wheat, vitamin E as antioxidant, Dead Sea minerals and others.

2. Baldwin Face Moisturizer

Baldwin Men Face Moisturizer

Every man deserves the best skincare product and that is where Baldwin Face Moisturizer comes into play. Made with Minerals salts and natural oils such as jojoba, African Shea oil, Argan oil, Allantoin, this is a high value cosmetic with nutritional value for your skin. It is a paraben-free premium and ideal for masculine face giving you a soothing and sexy fragrance. Other ingredients found in Baldwin Face Moisturizer are Symphytum officinale, Sodium PCA, Plantago Ovata seed extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

3. Natural Dead Sea Mud


Lab tests on Dead Sea mud indicate that it contains up to 27 natural salts, something which makes this product another best seller worldwide. When applied on your skin, it protects you from inflammation, thanks to its soothing crystalline, organic and colloidal components. Those who have used Natural Dead Sea Mud say it rids the skin of impurities, stimulates nervous system, improves skin tone, and stimulates skin tissue renewal among other benefits.

4. Canaan Dead Sea Eye Cream

Canaan Dead Sea Eye Cream

Featuring Canaan herbs and Dead Sea minerals, this eye cream is one of the best you will find in the market today. Apart from its quick absorption into the skin, Canaan Cream is known to reduce wrinkles, moisturize the skin while also enhancing its vitality.

5. Dead Sea Facial Cream by Canaan

Dead Sea Facial Cream by Canaan

Worldwide, Canaan ranges of creams are some of the best selling cosmetic products. No doubt this one makes it to this list of nine best. It is applicable to normal and dry skin. Its ingredients range from Dead Sea minerals salts anti-aging CSE Complex and moisturizes to give your face a supple youthful appeal.

6. Ahava Butter Salt Body Scrub

 Ahava Butter Salt Body Scrub

Ahava ranges of products are undoubtedly best sellers worldwide, and butter Salt Body Scrub has always carried this legacy forward. Good for Spa treatment, you only need to mix it with a few pints of water then scrub gently into your skin for a relaxing and soothing feel.  It exfoliates and moisturizes, not to mention a Cedarwood and Mandarin scent everyone with which everyone will fall in love.

7. Ahava Hydration Masque

Ahava Hydration Masque

Ranked at the top by some of the most reputed beauty magazines, Ahava Hydration Masque is also award winning skincare product that will add to your regimen, luxury and excellence.  It contains Dead Sea mineral salts among other essential natural oils. Apply overnight without rinsing and at least 3 times a week for the best results.

8. Obey Your Body Peeling Gel

Obey Your Body Peeling Gel

Cheers to another top brand cosmetic product that traces its vitality to the Dead Sea, Obey your Body Peeling Gel. You will find this product in American cosmetic stores and other countries around the world. According to those who use it, it is a phenomenal body and hand lotion, a solution to eczema notwithstanding.

9. Bath Soap:  Sabon’s Lemon Loofah Soap

Sabon’s Lemon Loofah Soap

Do not be cheated. Bath soaps from Israel are all over the world, but to settle for the best should get you thinking about Lemon Loofah Soap from Sabon found in over 50 locations globally. It is arguably one of the best out there, thanks to ingredients such as glycerin, mineral salts and soothing properties. You will find it in Boston, Chicago, Australia, Chicago stores and walk away with add to your skincare regimen, an exfoliate like no other.

The bottom Line

The are thousands of products featuring mineral salts from the world’s most saline lake, not to mention essential natural extracts that make them, nonetheless, worthy additions to a daily skincare routine. We have only sampled a few in this post, which means, you are free to explore other award winning products from reputed manufacturers.


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