Dead Sea Mud Mask with Value that Helps in Stretching the Skin

Dead Sea mud mask

mud mask


Winter and summer are great to visit Dead Sea and have treats. It is a great opportunity to do expedited body care- massage, scalp massage, Face treatment, treat cellulite and feel healthier and glamorous.

If you cannot come to the Dead Sea, we will be happy to help you personally.

We provide black mud pure mineral directly from the Dead Sea with the maximum minerals and healthier for face and body treatment.

The mud value helps in stretching the skin, important in the ages of 30 and up. When massaging the skin with mud, the mud operates as gentle peeling.

Sulfur in the mud with its strong odor melting the top layer of the skin and help the cells to regeneration.

The salts in the mud help remove dead cells and absorbs fluid, the result beautiful new skin.


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The mud help banish cellulite, the high concentration of salts and mud creates osmotic pressure of body fluids and tissue absorb the top of the skin and the result you have smoother and beautiful skin.

The mud in cosmetic products help to fight pimples because of the high concentration of salts that give mud antibacterial effect which helps protect the skin from bacteria.

Sulfur and other minerals of mud factors help the skin fight acne and renew. The best thing to do before flying to Dead Sea start using Dead Sea mud.




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