Does Argan Oil Have Antioxidant Benefits?

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Argan Oil Antioxidant




Argan Oil Antioxidant is made from green nuts of Argan tree found mostly in Morocco. Its recognized cosmetic benefits in hair products and exclusive skin care and even as food ingredient have made its demand increasing in the world.

Argan oil according to recent research, a very small quantity of Argan oil can considerably lower the cholesterol level. Several other acids present in Argan oil are converted into three different kinds of prostaglandins.

These prostaglandins are very beneficial for many functions in the body like immunization and anti-inflammatory functions. Vitamin E is antioxidant that present in large quantity in Argan oil. Vitamin E is very good for hair treatment and helping hair restore itself.



Argan oil contains Sterols, The sterols help block the cholesterol absorption from intestines. They are also found to be anti-cancerous. Argan oil is very useful in Arthritis in which joints of the body are damaged in several ways. It slows down the degenerative processes going on in long bones of the body.

Argan oil is also known to be anti-Acne and good against chickenpox. It is also deemed to be Aphrodisiac. It increases sexual desire and ability in a person. Cosmetic uses of Argan oil are numerous.

It has a strengthening effect on hair nail and skin, work as powerful antioxidant when nourishing facial skin. It prevents the skin from premature aging symptoms like wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Moreover it is very helpful in quickly curing burns or other inflammatory bruises on skin. It is also useful in neutralizing the marks on skin after pregnancy. It is widely used as a cosmetic product and appreciated by renowned beauticians.


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