Goat Milk Benefits for Skin

Goat Milk Benefits

Goat Milk Benefits

Goat Milk

Goat Milk has been used for centuries as a beauty aid. Not only is it a superb moisturizer and softener of the skin but it is a rich source of Vitamin A, several B vitamins and minerals as well. The natural butterfat of the milk provides rich lather and a creamy texture when goat milk is the base for soap.

The main source of goat milk skin enhancing properties is attributed to alpha hydroxy acids. These naturally occurring organic acids have the ability to penetrate the upper layers of skin and assist in removing dead skin cells(exfoliation).

This, in turn, helps the skin to renew itself and leaves a smooth, clean feeling. As can be imagined, goat milk is especially effective against acne and can be also helpful for skin that has suffered damage from overexposure to the sun.

Like many other natural remedies, we cannot always pinpoint the exact mechanism responsible for the remedies' health benefits.

In fact, it is probable that there isn't any one "active ingredient" but a wealth of many natural compounds which work synergistically together and foster greater health and harmony for the user.



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