How to make natural cosmetics with natural ingredients that work at home?

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Most cosmetic users believe in something natural or in other words, something that is enriched with natural extracts such as natural salts and minerals. However, while everyone wants something, which will bring a big change on his or her skin texture and appearance, the question is; are people buying something worth their money?  

Well, cosmetic shops are everywhere these days and online shopping has seen those dealing in skin care products; establish a strong presence on the web. While you will be in need of something formulated for the best results on your largest body organ, you should not buy blindly. For example, if you want to partake on facial cleansing at home without having to check into at a spa, it is imperative that you have in mind, which natural ingredients work best when it comes to that.

Aloe Vera over the years has been a favourite for many when it comes to facial skin exfoliation. Some prefer products enriched with Eucalyptus. Nevertheless, whatever choice you make, you need to be certain of a positive outcome.

Aloe Vera

Apart from plant extracts, natural salts and minerals known to make a good point when it comes to skincare. Premise your purchase on this. However, while we all would want to rush to a cosmetic shop and buy something in the name of skin care product or cosmetic, it is also possible to reduce on costs and make one ourselves back at home. So, which natural cosmetic can you make at home? Is it a shower gel, a bathing soap, a salt scrub or facial peels?

Every of these can be possible to make at home from home remedies to skin conditions. Some of them would function as cosmetics and in which case, you can make your own facial serum or oil at home without having to spend any money in a cosmetic shop. In this article, I take you through how to make some basic natural cosmetics using natural ingredients right at home, so look further for details.

face peel mask


Make salt scrub at home

Well, I am certain that this is a product that anyone would love using on his or her skin for exfoliation purposes. All you need to get started is a range of naturally acquired ingredients with coconut oil or lemon being in the mix. Go for whatever is preferable to you. You will need a jar, a crusher, a desired salt that can be the common table salt (sodium) coconut oil with a scent that is ideal for you. You will add oil to a jar, then add salt, stir to mixture and pour into the mixture, an essential oil which could be of lavender or vanilla scent. Stir for about 15 minutes and it will be ready for use.

salt scrub

Make face peel mask at home

With an ideal homemade facial mask or peel, your skin will become youthful and radiant is just a few days after a routine natural exfoliation or cleansing. Well, depending on your specific needs, you can go for a banana peel, Apple peel, orange, lemon, lime and any other. You will also need milk or milk products, which you will mix with mashed fruit of your choice with either milk or yoghurt. Heat some mineral water and add unflavoured Gelatine together with gauzed banana, apple or lemon juice. Let it cool a bit and apply a thick mask on your face. Avoid your eyes, nose and ears. Apply up to neck area and relax for about twenty minutes then rinse off. Wipe your face dry with a clean towel.


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