Top best Dead Sea beauty products that you have to try for your delicate facial skin

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The human skin if not well maintained can be a recipe for contracting diseases from all over and especially those which are spread through skin contact. With this taken into account, the reason why people use cosmetics therefore vary and you therefore should look into this very important subject with a lot of concern.  You for example need to ask yourself, why are you using a given product, for what purpose and of what benefit?  

Notably, cosmetics are not just those products you use on your skin. There are those which are meant for your hair so that once applied, you feel relaxed and happy. Products which people will want to stick to because someone they admire is using them or because they are designed attractively, you should always have a reason as to why you want to try a certain product and not the other.  

This post lays emphasis on Dead Sea beauty products and as someone who wants the best for his or her delicate facial skin, there are so many reasons why these come across as some of the best out there in cosmetic market.  On this premise, it is important to note that with different ranges of products come varying benefits even if they are made for the same purpose and so, before I review some of the best beauty products manufacture by Dead Sea to help you take good care of your skin, take a look at the following concerns;

  • No one wants a substandard skin care product and in a case where you are looking for something that will make your face glow with beauty, you really have to be mindful of the effects of using certain products. On Dead Sea cosmetic platforms, there are many different kinds of products. With this in mind, it is also important to take into account a necessity for finding out if you are dealing with an authentic supplier or not.
  • The best in terms of facial skin care products is premised on what Dead Sea minerals are blended with other natural extracts to give you a glowing skin so take a look below for top best cosmetics;

Canaan Dead Sea Minerals & Herbs

Canaan cosmetics minerals and herbs

The driving force behind our entire line, CSE Complex™ combines health-inducing Dead Sea minerals and powerful plant extracts indigenous to this captivating region.

It begins with a healthy harvest of powerful minerals from the Dead Sea, arguably one of the Earth’s most astounding natural spas. This ancient basin abounds in minerals and nutrients that have been forming in its waters and along its banks throughout the millennia. Located at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea region has by far the richest concentration of minerals on the planet. These moisture-enhancing gifts of the Earth have been clinically proven to be vital factors in stimulating the skin’s metabolism and natural hydration processes and contribute significantly to the creation of cosmetic applications that help to maintain a healthy complexion.

Rounding out our unique CSE Complex™ is a medley of powerful plant extracts that are indigenous to the Dead Sea region – specifically Plantain Leaf, St. John’s Wort and Marshmallow Root. The secrets of these desert plants have been well-known to the native tribes of the desert for centuries, who have harvested its goodness in the creation of a variety of effective medicines, tonics and balms. At Canaan Minerals & Herbs skincare, we leverage their naturally effective ingredients to help hydrate, soothe and repair the skin.

The unique complex helps to heal, firm, nourish and moisturize your thirsty body skin and complexion, leaving your skin supple, relaxed and deliciously refreshed.

 Baldwin Men Care

Baldwin Men Care

Baldwin men care-grooming products were born because of the vision of three men, who had reached the result that they deserve the benefits of boutique skin treatment products that were similar in quality to those prestigious products used by their wives.

Now after three years of pioneering research and development, both you and your customers can enjoy premium skin care products for sensitive masculine skin at a reasonable price:
The Range of Grooming Products for Men by Baldwin!

The Baldwin Range constitutes the next generation of men’s grooming products. No compromises were made in the selection of ingredients, raw materials and products containing the finest vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs.

The result: high quality range of grooming products for men, which nourish sensitive skin with moisture, relaxing it, and restoring its vitality, while imparting a silky touch and manly fragrance.

Mogador Beauty Products

Mogador Beauty Products

Extensive research has led to the creation of Mogador™ cosmetics line, an exciting, innovative new product range created exclusively for problem hair and scalp. Formulated with superlative active ingredients in concentrations that specifically answer hair needs, products are based on unique JAS Organic Complex™ that contains genuine Organic Moroccan Argan Oil produced according to traditional customs and treasured for centuries for its unique health and beauty properties.

Also included, organic Shea Butter, grown in Africa and traditionally an essential part of hair care and body rituals. Organic Jojoba Oil is another remarkable component - utilized historically in Mexico and Central America, and valued universally for its close resemblance to human sebum, it has powerful moisturizing properties that help texturize hair and scalp.

The result is a nourishing synthesis that makes hair glossy, soft and flexible while protecting the scalp and leaving hair looking wonderfully healthy and natural.

All Mogador™ line cosmetic products are SLS, SLES and Paraben free.


Queen Odelia Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil Skin Care

Queen Odelia Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil Skin Care

The story of the Queen of the Night deeply inspired the founders of Queen Odelia. They set out to create a brand that replicates the hopeful spark that the desert flower and other fruits like it give.

The Queen of the Night flower also influenced their decision for brand’s name. Queen Odelia’s name was taken from an ancient language. Odelia means god’s gift. The resilient desert fruits possess extraordinary properties that are a rich gift and a miracle of nature.

Like the Queen of the Night, the Prickly Pear is a wild dessert fruit that survives long droughts and brutal winds. The prickly pear contains magical little black seeds that hold the power to regenerate and preserve the skin through the most challenging circumstances. Prickly Pear Seed Oil (or PPSO) is a secret ingredient that Nomadic women have passed down mother to daughter for generations, as a way to fend off the damaging desert conditions.

Our creams are based on Prickly Pear Seed Oil and combined with natural salts found in the arid deserts surrounding the Dead Sea. The product is extremely rich in minerals, Aloe Vera, and antioxidants that come together to fight premature aging, acne, dryness, and rosacea with unprecedented success.

At Queen Odelia the proper care and treatment of the skin are at the top of the list of priorities, and as such Queen Odelia beauty products are held to the highest standards for skin enhancement.


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