Everything began with a team dedicated to researching, safeguarding, and also commemorating the marvels of nature. Based in modern Israel, the Dead Sea area is rich in resources; researchers sought greater understanding of how minerals and also herb could benefit the skin, triggering AHAVA in 1988.

Our study of nature, skin and individuals brought about the growth of AHAVA's Osmoter ™, the mineral stimulant at the office in every AHAVA formula. By taking advantage of the most dynamic elements of the Dead Sea, this scientifically balanced blend of minerals provides exceptional hydration to the skin.

AHAVA's Osmoter ™ draws dampness as well as nutrients from the depths of the skin to its external layers, where it is needed one of the most. This is exactly how AHAVA products activate your skin from within.

A deep link with the Earth informs every decision at AHAVA since the desert we call residence should be sustained. Appropriately, AHAVA researchers aim to impact the setting minimally as we produce our solutions. The pioneering water return process at the AHAVA production center shows our Eco-consciousness by using neighborhood flora to filter waste and also restore clean water to our desert residence.

It's a more expression of our idea in an equilibrium between nature and also science.
We believe in an equilibrium between nature as well as science.