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Canaan Organics approach to beauty is scientific and philosophical, as we blend front line technology with ancient wisdom and nature’s never-ending generosity. Because our mission is to help our clients achieve their beauty potential and maintain a youthful appearance, the healing powers of nature are at the heart of all our activities - whether in our research laboratories or when looking for time-honored therapies around the world. At Canaan Organics, our dedication to excellence in the science of personal care is absolute.


Choosing skin care products with natural ingredients is today’s approach to safeguarding our well-being and our planet. Organic agriculture follows nature’s rules in growing crops and raising livestock by reducing overall exposure to toxic chemicals, and helping to produce healthy, nutritious crops in a self-sustaining way - just like nature.

Designed to balance and harmonize body and mind


Canaan Organics natural body and skincare products are formulated with deep respect for the healing potential of the natural world. Our products are based on a unique complex of Macadamia nut oil, Jojoba oil, and especially - Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All these natural emollients replace moisture lost through exposure to the elements and keep skin balanced and healthy.

We use only natural preservatives and no chemical stabilizers. The carefully selected herbal plant extracts and essential oils in our products carry organic certification and are supplied by organic farmers whose work supports the earth’s natural vitality.


Superior products require superior ingredients


Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a glorious history going back 6,000 years. A major component of beauty care in the biblical Land of Canaan, early cosmetologists recognized that the anti-oxidant properties and abundant glycerides and fatty acids in olive oil made it effective in smoothing and nourishing even the most sensitive skin. Clearly, natural skin care was in use long before people began massaging chemicals into their skin.