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Prickly Pear Deep Moisturizer Night Cream By Queen Odelia

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Prickly pear deep moisturizer night cream 50ml (1.7 Oz) from Queen Odelia serves as a deep moisturizer that is best used right before you go to sleep. Its long-lasting influence will have an amazing effect on your skin’s elasticity. Prickly Pear Seed Oil (cactus oil) is one of the most expensive ingredients used in today’s skin care industry & is the main ingredient in this night cream. It is packed with vitamin E and high levels of Linoleic acid. These super antioxidants work together to tighten and protect your skin from free radicals that loosen the skin and give it unwanted texture. 

Active ingredient is the Dunaliella Salina Extract, which is rich in oxidants, minerals, vitamins & proteins nourishing skin cells and improving their performance. Helping refresh and energize your skin thus making it more radiant. The night cream will restore that natural radiance to your face, and smooth out all the wrinkles and fine lines. Apply the Night Cream before bed to give your skin a deep cleanse and a supple softness that will have you looking young and fresh right when you wake up!


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