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Best SPA Dead Sea Mud Mask With Amber Bucket
Best SPA Dead Sea Mud Mask
Dead Sea Mud mask for face and body
Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics

Best SPA Dead Sea Mud Mask With Amber Bucket

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Dead Sea Mud mask is extremely augmented and contains more than 27 natural minerals. It helps to prevent inflammation and is considered as an effective cosmetic product.

• Helps to prevent scar tissue 
• Helps to protect the skin prom premature aging
• Helps to improve skin turgor and tones the skin
• It has both stimulating and calming effect
• Nourishes, restores and protects the skin
• Delays skin-aging processes 
• Activates neuroendocrine system
• Reduces development of pathogenic microbes
• Prevents development of inflammatory processes
• Stimulates skin tissue renewal processes
• Activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Stimulates metabolic processes

Dead Sea Mud consists of three main fractions:

1. CRYSTALLINE PART consists of calcium, magnesium and bromine salt crystals, as well as of at least 20 elements required for provision of life processes.
2. COLLOIDAL PART consists of ferrous sulfate, which adds the mud the grey-black color.
3. THE ORGANIC PART consists of organic acids and other products containing the bacteria required for bodily functions.
Amber increases the beneficial effects of the Dead Sea Mud to the body. Amber helps activating metabolism processes in aging skin, improve muscle tone, helps reducing swallowing of the soft tissue and residue. The golden gemstone helps to treat fine lines, pigmentation and other skin damages. The succinct acid is a very valuable antioxidant.

• as an additional product for scalp care in case of seborrhea, dandruff and psoriasis, for strengthening of hair follicle in case of increased hair loss
• as a cosmetic product for body in order to improve looks - anti-cellulite, for treatment of limp and aged skin
• as an aid in case of various skin diseases, for example, dermatitis, forms of chronic eczema and psoriasis
• as an aid against joint pain and bone-muscle injuries - arthritis and osteochondritis.

• during acute inflammatory processes
• tumours (malignant and benign)
• mental disorders (epilepsy, severe neurosis, progressive paralysis)
• pregnancy
• at age of more than 65 years only local procedures with a small application area
• hypersensitivity against the product ingredients
• hypertension


    How to use:
    There are general and local mud procedures. Depending on a physician's recommendations, mineral mud can be applied on the whole body for wrapping procedures or locally - on individual areas, muscles and joints. Similarly mud can be used as a mask, which effectively treats dandruff and strengthens hair follicle. 

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