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Review of the Book "Lost Ways"

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The lost waysThere are pretty many reviews that have been peddled around about The Lost Ways, a survival guide book authored by Claude Davis. This makes it somehow tricky to pick on what is genuine and apply what is explored therein to situations that require survival techniques. By its very Title, The Lost Ways (LTW) delves into traditional ways of life that are quickly fading but which remain significant, thanks to the pace at which modernity is being embraced. And so, the question is, can these ways of living be revived as extensively as explored in the book? Technically, people purchase items from the internet these days and one of the drivers of purchase decisions has to do with customer reviews, author or independent reviews.  With this, you need honest opinions or views about The Lost Ways before you can finally decide on whether to buy it or not. Therefore, take a nosedive further and get to learn everything you need to know about the LTW.

Fundamental issues about The Lost Ways

Catastrophes can strike anytime and when they do, one should have at his or her fingertips techniques for survival. Interestingly, very few do these days. Ways of survival are inclusive of methods that work and application of techniques that have been handed down to modern man from the generation of ancient men. The book takes notice of the fact that Americans are degenerating in as far as these are concerned and while they would want to call it change and progress or modernity, there is are huge mishaps in many areas.  These changes, which have in many ways rendered mankind susceptible to disasters, are largely blamed on complacency brought about by modern technology. The author’s view which this post equally recognizes and shares in tandem is that tough situations have become a bare knuckle to mankind. The conveniences brought about technology are to blame because while they have created a simple, easy and comfortable life, they have exposed mankind of modern times to ultimate dangers they have no control over.  So, how do these realities establish meaningful touch with the book?

Review about the lost waysPeople have lost survival tactics that can see them overcome any situation such as life’s inadequacies and this is where The Lost Ways makes great amends. The book lays emphasis on the need to inculcate into humans, skills and techniques that can help them survive even without such things as electricity, internet, electronic gadgets refrigerators and other amenities. To make this easier for you to digest, here are the main topics that the book delves into;

  • How to fetch and store water for family use at no cost
  • A mastery of traditional medicinal ingredients and how to use them appropriately
  • Guidelines on how to set forth a trap and catch different types of animals, technically; hunting
  • How to survive when you run out of bullets. Here much of what the book explores is on what a group of men did while wandering in the west to avoid such grave eventualities as going short of bullets.
  • Tips on how to prepare food using traditional ingredients especially those which were first suggested by America’s native scouts
  • A comprehensive walk-through on how Native Americans used to build underground houses

Well, given that the book adversely mentions abandonment of traditions, it proceeds to advocate that it is not too late for Americans to make a U-turn and go back to their roots which, though ancestral in nature, are instrumentally useful in the face of ever growing hardships and challenges in the environments in which they live.

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So, what is there to learn from the Lost Ways?

Self feeding firePeople are increasingly becoming concerned about eventualities that need survival skills and as a result, the rate at which they need survival guides continue to soar. In a bid to address these genuine concerns and demand, the author of The Lost Ways, Claude Davis quickly came up with a very explorative book. The book makes a discovery of things that ancestors did many years ago to survive through hardship situations and those which, though have become overridden by time and change, still remain viable ways of life today.  On these premises, a read through the book takes you through a journey of discovery about survival techniques in the distant past and how to acquire them. This way, it comes through as a powerful course that puts together useful tricks and tips that Americans of today can apply to survive not only through natural disasters but also those which are man-made.

In approximately 350 words, which make up a few chapters, the Lost Ways presents different phases of life and which if applied well by Americans, can bring about immense improvement in the way they handle catastrophes. Quick lists of some of the pivotal issues you will get to learn from the book include;

  • Animal traps. Ostensibly, traps were used by ancient men to make a catch, at least to enable them afford a meal. In most cases, these were used when food shortage or crisis was biting hard. The Lost Ways takes a nosedive into this very subject of using traps and educates you on how they can be set up in a bid to catch up all kinds of animals during winter season.
  • Food. This is a basic need. The author further explores the subject of recipes and especially traditional ones which were largely nutritious.  Emphasis is laid on the fact that most of these recipes were readily available and still can be acquired today.
  • The question of housing. Traditional houses and especially those which were constructed underground by Native Americans had so much to show for human architectural skills.  The houses could accommodate a good number of families of up to four and so, the author revisits this issue in the TLW by teaching mankind of today how to construct the same.
  • Water collection. People have increasingly adopted newer ways of collecting water, most of which cost them lots of money.  During rough times such as when war is raging, volatility makes it hard to fetch necessities like water. In fact, water becomes very scarce and many end up succumbing to dehydration. In the Lost Ways, the author delves into how such eventualities can be prevented by ensuring to collect water using affordable storage mechanisms.
  • Poultices.  In this context of poultices, Davis provides a detailed guideline on how the same can be made today to take care of emergency situations the same way ancestors did.
  • Bullets. Situations can are likely to cause you shortage of bullets and to countenance this, the author uses an illustrative context of a group of people that walked the west and used bullets without shortage. With this, a case of how bullets can be preserved in times of crisis is explored. Further, the book provides more information on what to do in the event that you ran out of bullets.

Some notable things about the Lost Ways

  • With a gravity score of over 200, TLW is admissibly adversely popular on Clickbank. It is ranked top among self-help books that delves into the subject of survival. This means it is something you’ve got to read.  Being a leading platform where digital info-products such are books are sold, Clickbank calculates gravity values based on sales volumes, refunds, popularity and client satisfaction extracted from purchase reviews.  Going by the gravity score of the Lost Ways, there is no doubt about its quality whatsoever.
  • The book is fundamentally a digital format file. This means you can quickly download it in Portable Document Format (PDF) as an eBook. But you can also read it online. In any case you need a hardcopy, it costs an extra $.8.99 which takes care of handling and shipment. It is important to note that the eBook is compatible with iPhones, laptops, iPads, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and any other gadget that allows for PDF file viewing.
  • The cost of the product is a one-time payment of $37
  • Shipping is only done for those who want a hardcopy. Main channel is PDF download
  • The book isn’t available offline yet at Traditional book dealers
  • It is also not sold on Amazon
  • There isn’t a discount coupon or code
  • Money back is guaranteed a 100 % after 60 days during which no questions will have been asked.
  • There is a secure online payment handling which is technically done by Clickbank.  Clickbank employs the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is a data/information encryption technology. SSL is sold by trusted vendors such as Thawte and VeriSign.
  • There are no other alternatives to the Lost Ways

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What are the benefits of reading the Lost Ways?

The lost ways isn’t just a worthy read in way of providing techniques and tips on how to survive through difficult times but also a book that comes through with handy benefits to both American and international readers.  Davis takes readers through tips that can help one survive catastrophes but again, most of what is explored in the book is things you can relate to your day-to-day way of life.  Therefore, take a closer look at the following;

  • On saving money on such things as water, medication and food, a reader’s interest is drawn to the issue of affordable raw materials and readily available ingredients. 
  • What makes TLW a worthy read and hugely beneficial is further compounded by the fact that it is arguably the most explorative review on issues to do with survival guides in the info-products market today. Further, Davis takes precedence in providing readers with tried and tested methods. This means such tips can be applied to situations of catastrophes, economic meltdowns, famine, and unprecedented attacks. When compared to other publications of the same genre, the Lost Ways provides readers with more comprehensive tips and tricks and goes ahead to relay a plethora of information on survival techniques.  This definitely means the Lost Ways is a better deal worth paying for.
  • Differences largely exist between modern mankind and ancestors. This is seen in aspects such as world view and expectations.  While taking note of this, Davis explains that ancestors preferred a do-it-yourself way of handling things, something which is out of touch with the modern generation’s way of doing things. Today, technology has brought about unparalleled complacency in people’s lives. In this knowledge, the author takes a personal initiative of trying to change people from being complacent to doers by exploring skills that ancestors once applied in their day to day lives.  This way and in the hope that people can revert back to of do-it-yourself way of life, Davis provides readers with simple, easy and practical tips which modern Americans can implement in their lives for purposes of self sufficiency.
  • Despite the invaluable nature of the book, money back guarantee seller policy is something very impressive.  In the event that you find the book unsatisfactory, a grace period of 60 days is provided within which you can claim your money back.  This process is made easier by the author through a team of customer care. With all honesty though, the author simply casts a shadow of providing readers with the best and 60-day product ownership is certainly a worthy pointer to this.

Well, does Lost Ways have its downsides?

Not much to call home but here are some things you may find unsatisfactory regarding the book;

  • Purchases are never accompanied by audio or video files.  In other words, there aren’t printed, audio or video versions of the book as of yet. This is definitely a disappointment to those who fancy reading hardcopies as opposed to digital format lovers.

About the author; Claude Davis

Nothing pays off in the digital world of booksellers and authors like being someone whose products everyone wants to get a taste of and in this Davis takes it all.  With over 30 years experience in survival related issues, there is no doubt he has the best for clients. Davis is also the founder of, a website dedicated to survival.  His world view has been shaped by drawing a comparison between how the modern generation has distanced its ways of life from that of the ancestors. This is what his book explores in details.

Davis’s book is arguably the most comprehensive survival guide in the market today. This means that if you goal is to become someone who is self-reliant and sufficient; the book is all you need for it explores simple and easy ways of doing things. Anyone who purchases the book but finds it uninteresting is free to claim his or her money back, something which I highly doubt.  Purchasing the book from The Official Website , earns you some bonus from the author so make sure to get a copy for yourself.