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48 Colored Small Taper Candles | 4 inches Tall & 3/4 inch Diameter

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  • These unscented candles stand 4 inches tall and have a diameter of 3/4 of an inch. They are crafted using a blend of all-natural sustainable palm wax and the highest quality paraffin wax, allowing them to burn clean and even.

  • The wick is braided cotton and specifically sized to these candles to ensure an even and clean burn while maintaining the perfect size flame. We never use metal core wicks which can be toxic to your environment.

  • The colors include Black, White, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey and non-metallic Gold. These colors are brilliant and consistent inside and out. The surface of the candles are smooth and without defects.

  • They are perfect for anyone with a desire to celebrate their faith with prayer and meditation. They’re also great for your everyday decoration, fun dinner party or a cozy night in with a glass of wine and a good book.

  • Charitable Contributions - A percent of each sale is donated to the National Forest Foundation. $1 plants one tree!

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