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Body scrub Ocean 300gr - a combination made of natural, mineral rich Dead Sea salts, calming aromatic oils and plant extracts. The essential oils of this scrub balance the metabolic and regeneration processes of the skin, as well as helps to improve lymphatic flow and circulation of blood. An excellent assistant to cope with cellulitis. Salt crystals effectively help to clear off the dead skin cells, oils help the skin to regain moisture and natural extracts nourish and renew the skin. The scrub has a pleasant, relaxing aroma.


• RAPESEED OIL has a positive impact on metabolism, it increases renewal processes in cells, benefits in weight loss.
• LAVENDER OIL helps to activate lymphatic system, improves blood microcirculation, it has anti-septic features. 
• COCONUT OIL balances fat gland activity, smoothes and renews upper layers of skin. Helps to retain the natural moisture level in epidermal cells, protects against the negative effects of environmental factors (sun, cold, wind).
• CITRUS-FRUIT OIL helps skin regeneration. It contributes to clearance of toxins from your body, stimulates subcutaneous fat burning process, as well as helps to smooth scars.
• The Dead Sea mineral and vitamin complex nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin.

    How to use:
    Apply the scrub all over the body before bath or shower. Massage into skin with gentle circular movements. To reach better effect, apply the scrub on dry skin and make a massage. Rinse well in shower. Suitable for use at home and professionally. Use at home twice a week. Professional peeling massage is recommended once per week. Length of the massage is 20-30 minutes, afterwards rinse well in shower without sower-gel or soap.
    300 gr


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