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Prickly Pear 50% More Eye Cream By Queen Odelia

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Prickly Pear 50% more Eye Cream, delicate Eye Cream by Queen Odelia was created to counteract loss of firmness and to gloss over deep creases of skin around the eyes.

The formula of the cream includes Prickly Pear seed oil, Pomegranate oil and Argan oil – all very potent ingredients. It contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile flower extract known for their soothing effect. The formula is rich in Vitamin E for antioxidant activity and to battle inflammation, which is also known for their anti-aging properties. These ingredients have the ability to smooth over dark circles and reduce wrinkles and stimulate cellular renewal and combat free radicals. Lastly, it contains Dead Sea minerals and algae known for its antioxidant activity and anti-aging effect. 

The cream also functions as a protective shield over the most sensitive areas in the skin of the face. The cream will brighten your eyes and add vibrancy to your natural eye color. Applying this cream to the delicate skin around your eyes will make them shine bright all day long. Queen Odelia Eye Cream comes is a value package deal. The package contains 50 ml e 1.7 Oz – 50% more than any other eye cream available in the beauty market.

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