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5 Best Dead Sea Spa Hotels In Ein Gedi

dead sea spa hotel What is sulfur?

At some point in time, the desire to travel the world and set your foot in some of the most adorable places on planet earth becomes the only thing one dreams of and looks forward to. It is that thirst of traveling to magnificent places ever made for human leisure.

Well, even as one hits the road to catch a glimpse of glamour that Mother Nature has to offer, it is always imperative to note that some places will always be breathtaking.

In terms of what awaits one at top tourist attractions and spectacular sites to behold in a destination, a careful consideration should be made beforehand so that you travel to a place that has it all. From nature to man made tourist attractions, you should not go for anything less but the best.

Also, when it comes to taking a cruise or perhaps a flight to the world’s top tourist attraction destinations, planning beforehand should always take into account the type of accommodation you are looking for.

In fact, hotel and catering are some of the aspects of traveling to attractive destinations often taken into serious consideration because at the end of the day, you need a good rest and good meals.

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Dead Sea vacation


There are always high chances that good accommodation goes hand in hand with good meals. In terms of leisure activities, a visit to the Dead Sea should see you craft a plan of witnessing its many healthy properties.

On this premise, there is no doubt you will be looking forward to taking a sea dive in the wonder waters. Apart from outdoor relaxation, anyone who visits the Dead Sea should make a date with top spa hotels in the area and a place like Ein Gedi should be among your top choice considerations before landing here.

To this end, it is then imperative to take a look at some of the best spa hotels in Ein Gedi whose proximity to the Dead Sea is a good as you would be guessing right now, so read for incisive details to help you get started.     


Sehatty Resort

For a warm mineral bath and best of massage, a night or holidaying at the Sehatty Resort in Ein Gedi will surely leave you relaxed and fulfilled. At this place, you will make good use of some of the best Dead Sea SPA in Ein Gedi as you while away the night in thermal pools enriched with Mother Nature’s extracts in terms of minerals.


Ein Gedi Sea of Spa sulfur pools resort

When in Ein Gedi, you definitely need a great SPA hotel to double your enjoyable experience in this part of the world. At Ein Gedi Sea of Spa Sulfur pools Resort, a holistic experience with Mother Nature awaits you in mineral thermal pools.

The Butik Spa Hotel, Ein Gedi

A luxurious experience and indulgence with Mother Nature is best witnessed in Spas found in Ein Gedi boutique hotel.

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Resort Hotel

Another place to while away your time during the holiday is Ein Gedi Kibbutz Resort Hotel located on the edge of Judean desert. It overlooks the mineral-rich Dead Sea and you can be sure of healthy Spa treatment ideal for your skin.





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