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Decoding the Acne Face Map: What Your Skin is Trying to Tell You

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Most of us know what acne is, and many have had first-hand experience with acne. Acne affects our self-confidence in the worst possible way but do we know what causes acne? An acne face map helps us in discovering the root cause of this problem. 


What is an acne face map? Acne face map is a technique based on monitoring the area where acne and other breakouts appear on the skin. Once you have analyzed the spread pattern, you can find out its trigger point and the reason it is happening. Under this method, you will divide your face into certain zone.

The zones are:


Starting from the top, the first zone is the forehead, also known as the hairline area or the temple zone. Understandably, acne occurring in these areas is known as forehead acne. This usually occurs when wrong hair products are used. Either the acne products can have too much oil or wax; either way, it leads to breakouts and acne on the forehead. When applied, these products clog the pores and make it hard for your skin to breathe, which leads to acne. One important thing to remember is never to let any oil-based hair product touch your face. 


According to the acne face map, acne between eyebrows occurs when there is some diet problem. The theory says that if you consume too many fatty acids or you consume a lot of alcohol, the skin between your eyebrows starts to break out. To improve acne on this part of your face, ensure a healthy and a good, balanced diet. 


The third zone of the face, according to the acne face map, is the cheek area. Acne and breakouts occur on the cheeks due to rubbing or applying something in a hard manner on the skin. It can also occur due to toxins on the cell phone. When we make a call and keep the phone in contact with our cheeks for a long time, it causes it to break out. Rubbing something on the cheeks is a no-no. Apply everything with a gentle hand on your face to avoid acne. 


While this has yet to be proven, an acne face map suggests that acne and breakouts on the chin or jawline area occur due to hormonal imbalance. Women who are pregnant or are menstruating face a lot of breakouts in their jawline and chin area. Apart from that, acne on the jawline can be a serious issue in women as it indicates a high amount of male hormone in the female body. 

Acne face map is a good and modern-day technique that allows us to read our breakouts and find the deep-rooted reason behind our acne. It allows us to understand our skin and its sensitivity in detail. Acne face map will help us in the long run and the short run as it will enable us to understand our skin type and deal with it accordingly. 

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