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Beauty Demystified: What Does It Truly Mean?

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Beauty-what does it mean? Taking a walk down your memory lane is something that will always yield forth-beautiful things to recall and more often than not, people tend to cherish the maiden memories of their childhood even at old age.

To say the least, something beautiful is what everyone wants to have and if it happens that you already own one, it is becomes a treasure you don’t want to let go of no matter what come may.

Well, some say beauty is an expensive problem while others say it is skin deep. However, what is perhaps known to all who adore beauty is the saying that goes, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ Many times, people strive to achieve what they refer to as beautiful dreams.

However, this is not what this post aims at exploring. Fast forward to the world of beauty that borders on the use of cosmetics and skin care.

When looked at from the standpoint of a beautician, it all starts with a smooth and radiant skin.



Quite often, it is said that good health equals to wealth and this is partly achieved by having a beautiful and healthy skin. The question however is what does it take to be referred to as beautiful?

Definitively, beauty is a noun from which the descriptive word (adjective) beautiful is crafted. Everyone out there is always concerned with their beauty and this has a strong correlation with the skin care products they are using.

However, it is imperative to also note that there is more to beauty than what always meet the eye. It is on this premise that many agree with the assertion that beauty is relative.

In layman’s language, this is to say that, what looks beautiful or attractive to you may not be attractive to another person.

In terms of skin care for good looking skin, a point of confluence is reached because everyone out there believes that there are assorted beauty products that will give you nothing bust the best of skin care results.

In this post, we define beauty based on skin care and aspects that support it success.

A healthy skin equals beauty

While the term beauty has a variety of definitions based on people’s opinions, a straight shoot at it has always been the way people feel about their skin.

Most of the times, a beautiful skin is that which is well taken care of hence supple, smooth and radiant. Because the skin is a window to one’s lifestyle with regard to such aspects as dieting and skin care routine, its appearance has always been related to beauty.


Great feeling about one’s skin and comfort

Well, another lens through which one can look and seek a deeper understanding the term beauty is the feeling and comfort people often have about their skin.

An itchy skin and that which is riddled with rushes and acne is not any closer to beauty. The converse, which is a healthy looking skin, is a true definition of beauty.



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