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Your Skin's Best Defense: Effective Personal Care Techniques for Skin Protection

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We know there are plenty of products in the market for skincare. However, that brings doubt about what to use to obtain the best protection. Although a big budget can offer you access to some of the best formulas, by following the basics you guarantee good results. Check here what you can do no matter your budget or the time you can dedicate to take care of your skin. 

What do you need to protect your skin from? 

When you think of protecting your skin, it is important to consider what are the elements that can damage it. In this sense, time and research have shown that these elements affect the skin negatively.

  • Pollution
  • Sun
  • Dirt
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Aging process that brings wrinkles and fine lines as well as reduction of production of cells, collagen, and hormones

A routine to take care of your skin

Without a doubt, setting a routine is the best strategy you can follow to take care of your skin. That is because the skin continuously receives and fights against the elements that affect it. 

Hence, you also need to fight against them every single day. Moreover, cells, hormones and other natural components of the body also keep changing. As you get older, the natural protective and renewing functions also start to diminish. Hence, setting a routine guarantees that you receive the proper care regularly. 

Step by step of personal care:


Cleansing your skin is by far is the basic step and also the most important. When you cleanse your skin, you prepare it to receive any other product you apply. That increases their absorption and reception. 

Also block bacteria and viruses to get into your body. That includes your complexion and the skin of your entire body. However, it is important to choose the right products. That includes soaps that are not too abrasive. And those with natural ingredients. When it comes to the frequency, it is also important not to exceed the number of times you do it in one day. 

When it comes to your complexion, it should not be more than twice a day unless you have a special treatment for acne or any other condition. Also with your body, one bath a day could be enough. You can add more baths but apply lighter products to clean your skin.  That avoids dryness and any other chemical reactions. 

Good product for cleansing for all skin types is peeling facial gel

Sun protection

Sun protection is so important now because of climate change and the reduction of the ozone layer. The consequence is that we receive a bigger proportion of sun rays with all its negative effects. 

Although applying sun protector on your face is more popular, applying it on the rest of your body is also convenient. In addition, you should avoid direct exposure during the most critical hours which are 10 am to 4 pm. And do not forget that despite all its negative effects, receiving some sun at earlier hours is also beneficial for your body.

For more information about sun protection factor (SPF) visit FDA research site.


Your body is about 80% water and is always in need of getting more. That helps organs, including the skin, to carry out all its functions. You can get hydrated through creams, lotions, treatments but also with the food. And of course drinking lots of water. 

You may check recommended hydration creams.


Your lifestyle is crucial to keep your skin protected. And every little thing counts! These are the basic aspects you should consider.:

  • Eat less processed food such as fruits and veggies. Also avoid grease and excess of sugar and salt.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid excessive stress situations

In short, the best way to protect your skin by yourself is to use routines that combine elements of lifestyle and apply the right products. All these elements help your cells and hormones to renew and work properly. 

And, of course, using sophisticated products can make your skin more radiant and flawless. But with these steps you obtain enough protection, no matter your budget or your time.

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