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How To Apply Dead Sea Cosmetics Eye Serum?

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Serums revolutionized the cosmetic industry. Until their introduction in the market, only creams and oils were available for skincare routines. Although many of them can be very effective, serums can maximize and speed up their effects. Moreover, the concentration of ingredients in lightweight presentations makes them easier to apply on the skin. And that is great news for the area around your eyes.

Eye serum can help to regenerate the skin faster and easier. Visible results of their use include a noticeable reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, under eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness to produce a younger look. And among the variety of formulas in the market, those that contain Dead Sea ingredients stand out.

The mineral-rich formula of the Dead Sea is already powerful and when fabricants make a serum containing this component, the effects and results go to the sky. If you are ready to use Dead Sea eye serum, this is how to apply it to make sure you obtain the best of it.

Preparing the skin

Before applying the Dead Sea serum, you must prepare your skin by cleansing all the outside area around your eyes. You can do it with your regular skincare routine and then finishing with abundant lukewarm water. Also, make sure you have your hands clean because you will use them to apply the product. By starting in the right way, you can maximize the chances of your skin to receive the biggest amount of the Dead Sea nutrients.

Step by step to apply the Dead Sea serum

  • Take a small amount of serum either on back of your palm or your ring finger. Some presentations include a dispenser with the exact amount of product you need to apply it.
  • Using your ring finger, start patting it under your eyes and then around all the outside area of the eye, including the zone behind the brown and eyelids. Also, you can rub gently the area in circles where you apply the serum using your ring finger too.
  • Wait about 30-90 seconds until it dries up. You don´t need to rub the serum because the skin tends to absorb it fast.
  • After the serum dries up, you can continue with your regular skincare routine and add eye cream if you need it.

What is remarkable about the Dead Sea eye serum is that it dries up quickly and doesn´t leave any trace of the product after applying it. Hence, you can continue with your skincare routine or apply your makeup as usual.

Frequency of use

You can apply Dead Sea serum twice a day. This is to say, in the morning and at night before going to bed. It is recommended to wait at least 12 hours before one application and another.

Final words

Eye serums are already a wonderful addition to any skincare routine. If you opt for a formula with Dead Sea ingredients, you will obtain excellent results to renew the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes. 

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