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Jubilee The Strong Connection With Mother Earth! How Do We Connect With Nature?

Feng Shui helps How Interpretation of Dreams links us Meditation Mother Earth Mother Nature Natural Energy Oxygen State of Mind The book of Jubilees

For centuries now, Mother Nature remains a compelling force that humans have to contend with in as much as they want to connect and identify with it.

Even as we continue to feel threatened by environmental degradation, concerted efforts aimed at saving Mother Earth are a clear manifest that we cannot do without it.

We have long depended on nature to an extent that living without one would culminate in human extinction.

Given the many theories that have been developed around forces of nature, how they influence human existence and how we interact with the universe, imagining a world with a thinner atmosphere, degraded vegetation and dried up rivers is as disastrous as it sounds.

In this post, you are going to learn about the strong connection between humans and the environment in which they exist, but most importantly, how you can feel and connect with your surrounding in the hope of acquiring freedom, happiness, good health and elevation to a higher level of being.

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How we connect with Mother Nature?


Mother Nature


Humans connect with Mother Earth in many ways, and of course right from the homes to every place they go.


  • Feng Shui Idea and Natural Energy



Feng shui


Feng Shui; is a Chinese Theory connecting your inner being with the surrounding. It advocates for alignment and harmony with the environment.

The energy that exists in nature (emitted by living and inanimate things) and the amount we spend trying to shape and decorate our homes have a strong correlation.  

Feng Shui helps you harness this idea and let it into your home, free-flow natural energy so you can feel at peace and relaxed.  

For example, you may want to bring into your living, air purifying plants, let in natural light and also arrange furniture in such a way that it makes you appreciate provisions of Mother Earth more.

  • Meditation and the connection with Mother Earth




There are varying definitions of meditation. But the fact that it is generally a state of thoughtless awareness makes it ideal of a way of connecting with nature.  

Trying to establish a link with the Universe (Spatial relationship), selecting sounds to which we want to listen, and isolating ourselves from the rest of the world to be in a cave somewhere or at some corner of the house, meditation is powerfully connecting.

We listen to our bodies; heartbeat, and silent sounds of Nature through it and come out energized, relaxed and upbeat.



  • How Interpretation of Dreams links us to Mother Nature



How Interpretation of Dreams links us


Dream can take us to another world. A metaphysical world to where we have never been. We float into space, sink into bottomless pits and wake up in quick bouts of breath or smiling.  

However, what makes dreams we often experience during night sleep is the way they connect our being with the supernatural.

We thereof believe in more than we see, touch, feel and smell every day.  

We try to seek interpreters to tell us what it means to fall into a black hole or fly into worlds yonder in a dream.

While some signify the expanse of the Universe with limitless possibilities, others simply infer Mother Earth’s abundance, in peace and in kind.

The particles in Space into which we swim away during dreams represent not only natural energy but how a connection with our very own energies and existence.


  • State of Mind, Body Composition



State of Mind


The human body is about 71 percent water. Nature holds about the same percentage in form of lakes, seas, and oceans.  

It is thus imperative to note that the same water that flows in human bodies is reminiscent of the substance that constitutes our surrounding.   

Without Water, there would be no life on Earth, not just because Oxygen would be non-existent and temperatures would be extreme, but also because humans wouldn’t be able to replenish this important necessity in their bodies.

Minerals and vitamins we extract from plants further represent a strong link between us and the Earth. We gaze into the space to get inspiration from starry night skies and seek energy from sun’s UV-rays.

All because we harbor a strong mentality that, without the Universe, it would be hard to connect with the real and metaphysical world.


Where the connection begins: Jubilee



What Jubilee means



According to Hebrew translation, Jubilee means a ram’s horn. You can find this in the book of Leviticus Chapter 25, verse 9 of the Holy Bible.  

The Jubilee year starts after 49 years, five years into which, the Israelites, were celebrate freedom from debts and other types of bondage such as imprisonment and slavery.

Ten days into the seventh month of Jubilee year, they would blow would a ram’s horn and great celebrations would ensue.


The Book of Jubilees



Book of Jubilees


From the era of Canaanites during which connection with Mother Earth was a means to seek spiritual guidance to modern day beliefs that true healing comes from nature itself.

The human species is trying very hard to avoid sinking into an apocalyptic abyss of extreme temperatures, melted Oceans, and death of healing herbs.

Canaanites, according to Modern interpretations, and of course, a follow up on the Biblical Calendar migrated to live somewhere around Jordan, Syria, Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon in the Modern day.

They have always had a strong Connection with Mother Earth with holy caves, sites and healing waters from the Dead Sea serving as very good examples.

The book of Jubilees has a strong connection with the 50th year in the Jewish calendar and discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls puts this into perspective.

It earmarks the 14th Century when fragments of Jubilee books were discovered in Abyssinia by a Missionary named Dr. Ludwig Craft.

The manuscripts, which were in Ethiopian dialect, have since been translated into various languages, including Greek, Latin, and many others, albeit incomplete.

A journey of the Israelites into Canaan is thus recorded extensively in these books.  

From the Old to the New Testament, a period of redemption by the Supernatural (God) brings to the fore, a strong connection with the Universe that humans exhibit even today.

The Bottom Line

When we wander into far lands, shores, lonely paths and shores to inhale the fresh air, enjoy the cool breeze and listen to sounds of nature roar, we acquire more than just peace. We establish a strong connection with Mother Nature.





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