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Simplify Your Skincare Routine with Minimalist Skincare: What You Need to Know

We all witness how year after year the market adds new beauty products and skin care routines. From one soap to clean the face just a few decades ago, we went to 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and more daily steps. Yes, they are full of amazing ingredients added to creams, oils, serums, gels, and so on.

But do they really work? Is it really good for your skin to use them all? Most importantly, can we all follow those routines? That is exactly what many people asked themselves and answered the question by opting for minimalist skin care.

The definition

The minimalist skin care, also known as “skinimalism”, refers to using the minimum number of products in your skin care routines. Most people agree with this definition. However, there are plenty of discussions about how many products are the minimum. Also, which are those essential products that you must include on the shortlist. In this sense, your skin type and special needs play a major role.



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Is minimalist skin care for you?

There are different reasons to opt for minimalist skin care. Firstly, if you are a little lazy to apply a long skin care routine, minimalist skin care is right for you. It will help you keep a basic routine with the minimum effort and in just a few minutes.

Secondly, if you frequently experience reactions in your skin, using fewer products can help you keep those reactions at bay. And, if you are trying to develop a more natural look and are ready to stop fixing your flaws, it is also the right choice for you.

Minimalist routines will still take care of your skin but the results will make it shine through naturally. Minimalist skin care is also a budget-friendly strategy that fits perfectly well on any type of skin.


What should you include in your minimal list?

There is a consensus among beauty experts that the minimal list should include from 3 to 5 products. But it is not an exact science. To decide what line of products to include, having a clear idea of why you are going minimalist will help you a lot.

Also, your skin type plays a major role. An advantage of going minimalist now is that the market offers a wide selection of products with a blend of ingredients. Hence, you can cover several needs of your skin with just one or two products.

The first product that is always on any minimalist list is the cleanser. Everyone agrees that having clean skin is the basis to keep it radiant. Then, some people add tone but others add micellar water. The idea is to reinforce the cleansing step. Nowadays, cleansers include master blends of ingredients that also nurture and strengthen your skin while you cleanse it.

After cleaning your skin, it is time to moisturize it. Here you have plenty of creams, gels, and ingredients to play with. Moreover, some of them include SPF protection that will leave you space for another product. Some people prefer to use the SPF during the day and add the moisturizer just at night.

Finally, you can add a product that covers your special needs. It could be a serum or a collagen formula to help you soften your wrinkles. If you have acne-prone skin, a special product for that is perfect as a final step. And, if you like super glowing skin, a mud mask from time to time can do miracles in your routine.

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