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What Are The Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt For Psoriasis?

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Admittedly, Mother Nature’s healing properties is something that even top medical researchers find hard to dispute. This is not to mention some places in the world like seas whose healing properties have continued to bewilder many.

Over the years, a trip to the Dead Sea has remained a desire for many and those who have been privileged to set foot in this part of the world have hard great tales to tell. Their stories  have put to an end, the fairy tales about the Dead Sea.

According to their own experiences, the world’s most saltiest sea has a lot to offer not just to those who suffer from common skin problems such as acne and rashes but also to those suffering from serious skin conditions like psoriasis.


Dead Sea Salt 

Well, as someone may want to find out or rather ask, what is psoriasis? Simply defined, this a skin condition or disease often manifested by reddening, peeling and scaly skin.

Over time, the scales become hard and white and when peeled, bleeding can occur. Psoriasis affects some parts of human skin among which are the elbows, knees, toes and scalp.

The condition is quite often associated with dry skin but with careful medical examination, it is something more serious that what many think. While there are many skin care options including medical ones and in the latter case, a visit to a dermatologist, researches in skin care have had something to show about psoriasis and nature.

For someone who has had a firsthand experience with the Dead Sea and in this case, got healed of a serious skin disease after taking a dive into the waters of the world’s saltiest lake, there is no doubt psoriasis did find its cure in this sea of great wonders.

The question is, how?  Salt and mineral composition of the Dead Sea has been used to explain and achieve many ends in the manufacture of skin care products and in this post, we take a look at how Dead Sea salts are of great benefit when it comes to treatment of psoriasis.

Mineral treatment of psoriasis (Balneotherapy)

Psoriasis is argued to be one of the most serious skin conditions. Studies have also indicated that this flaky skin condition which is hereditary is worse among those in their tender age.

However, the good news is that psoriasis is treatable and one of the effective ways to go about this is a method medically referred to as Balneotherapy also known as mineral treatment. This is whereby someone suffering from this skin condition undergoes immersion in a pool of heated mineral water.


Dead Sea treatment (Thalassic therapy)

This is a method of bathing in the lake to have a first and most effective natural treatment one can ever witness. This way, the skin is treated to minerals it lacks.


Mineral mud treatment (pelotherapy)

In this case, one wraps his body in mineral-rich mud that is heated for effective treatment. There are many other ways of treating psoriasis using Dead Sea salt such as controlled exposure to sunlight around the Dead Sea.

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