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What Does Your Acne Look Like?

What does your acne look like What is acne Where your acne is and what it means

The presence of any kind of pimples on your skin might lead you to believe that you or someone else has acne. But not all acne is created equal. Sometimes different types of acne appear on the skin at the same time. 

Acne can even get mixed with other skin conditions. Knowing all these possibilities is especially important for doctors who try to prescribe the best medicine to control and eliminate it. Also, when people who suffer from acne understand what happens to their faces, it can help them cope with the outbreaks.  

So, if you are worried about what type of acne you are dealing with, take a look at what we found here.

What is acne?

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a follicular disorder in the skin that causes the eruption of skin lesions that can be either inflammatory or non-inflammatory.  

Types of acne and their severity

Where your acne is and what it means?

Different types of acne appear due to the way that internal and external elements interact with the skin. The severity also determines the type of acne. It depends on the type and number of lesions. Sometimes people just start with the mild version. 


However, they might not treat it properly and it scales to become moderate or severe. Considering that, this is what you can find:

Mild to severe acne


Blackheads are a type of comedone that are open at the most external part of the skin. They have oil and dead skin cells inside. The dark color is mostly due to the reflection of light against clogged hair follicles. 


Whiteheads are also comedones but they are closed. You notice that the outer part or the surface has a creamy appearance. In this case, oil and skin cells do not allow the hair follicle to open.


These are also comedones but they become inflamed until looking like whiteheads surrounded by red and small bumps. It is more sensitive due to inflammation and usually leads people to scar.  


Pustules are also inflamed bumps and are similar to whiteheads but have pus inside. The appearance also includes red rings around the bumps. This type of acne can lead to dark spots and scars in the future if it is not treated properly.

Severe acne


These types of lesions consist of bumps that grow and feel firm when you touch them. They grow within the skin and look like bruises. Unfortunately, they are very painful.


These lesions look like a mass filled with pus. Although they are not as firm as nodules, they are still very painful. Also, bumps might be red or purple. 

All these types of acne can get mixed on any type of skin and can appear in different parts of the body. So, can you now identify what type of acne you have? If you are not getting results with over-the-counter medicines, perhaps it is time to go to the doctor. 

Detailed research about acne you may find in Acne research.

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