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What Is Skincare Fridge And Why Do We Need Them?

Skincare Fridge

A skincare fridge is one of the most recent trends in the beauty industry. Besides looking nice and sophisticated in your bedroom, it offers lots of benefits to your skincare routine. And at this point, many people wonder if we really need them. That is why here you will find all you need to know to find out if you really need them.

What a skincare fridge really is

A skincare fridge is just a type of fridge manufactured to store skincare and beauty products. Unlike regular fridges, they mainly differ in the dimensions, capacity, and potency. Regarding the dimensions, it can be as small as a handbag. 

And of course, it shows its capacity too. Finally when it comes to potency, it is not as potent as a regular fridge because after all, it will not need it. You will only need it to store the products and keep them fresh and a little cold. They will not freeze.

Benefits of using a skincare fridge

There are many types of ingredients of skincare products. And many of them can get damaged rapidly if you put them in the wrong places. In fact, some of the storage instructions indicate to keep them in fresh places with low temperatures. Considering that, these are some benefits you can obtain using skincare products that you store in a fridge.

  1. It helps  to keep some of the ingredients active to do their work on your skin for a longer time.
  2. The oxidation process slows down. That is especially important for botanical ingredients and vitamins.
  3. Helps to reduce and calm irritation processes and redness. Just as your doctor might have told you to apply cold pads to swollen areas, cold skincare products can help to reduce them in your face. That works for puffy eyes, acne prone skin or tired skin.
  4. It has a refreshing effect. For instance, sheet masks can provide you with an amazing effect if you put them in the fridge first. Moreover, some masks have so much gel and you can save it for another session if you put it in the fridge.
  5. The skincare fridge avoids mixing the products with your food. Hence, they do not absorb odors or unwanted ingredients.   
  6. You can save money when you extend the duration of your products without having to replace them or throwing them away.

Despite all these benefits, keep in mind that some products should no be stored in a skincare fridge. That applies to some oily products. It does not matter if it comes with serums, sheet masks or products that regularly stay well in the fridge. So, be careful and read the labels!

Why do you need a skincare fridge?

Using cold skincare products has been a well kept secret for a long time. Some people used their regular fridge to store some beauty products and got some benefits. That means that even a regular fridge can offer you some of the benefits you read above. 

However, the new skincare fridges are a new addition in the cosmetic industry. As you already read, using an exclusive fridge just for skincare products has its own benefits. But, do you really need them? The answer is yes! Just as the cosmetic advance offers new formulas and adds new ingredients and you need them. 


With a skincare fridge you maximize the benefits of your products and extend their duration. That means that you will achieve your goals to have flawless skin and improve its radiance faster.  

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