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Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty? Here's What You Need to Know

salinity of the Dead Sea source for mineral salts Why Dead Sea Salty?

For hundreds of decades, the Dead Sea has remained the saltiest water mass on Earth. In this post, we are not going to dispute that fact. Rather, we will attempt to answer vital questions that involve this unique phenomenon. If you are a sea salt addict, you will agree that extracts from the Dead Sea account for the largest chunk of what you may be using as a food addictive. Not only that, the lake is also a rich source of a healing mud and other mineral compounds.

Take a walk around and visit some of the best cosmetic stores nearby. You will be shocked to learn that there is more to buying a skincare product beyond moisturizing or hydrating aspects. Thousands of cosmetic brands have an affiliation with the Dead Sea. The hyper saline nature of the Dead Sea lends credence to both its popularity and rich mineral properties.

Thus far, the big question is why is the Dead Sea salty?

Well, different people, including experts have sought to proffer various reasons to help explain alkalinity of the Dead Sea. While some offer vital glimpse into the phenomena, some are misleading. On our part, we want to steer clear of hearsay by delving into the real reasons behind this occurrence. Most importantly, we will explore expert findings as well as common knowledge that shed light on the nature of the world’s saltiest lake.

why dead sea is so salty? Learn why

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Dead Sea: Explaining the hyper salinity of the lake

A good way to experiment salinity of the Dead Sea is try to swim in it. It is never going to be possible, rather you will be floating. Moreover, entering the water carelessly will further be met by the harshness of the salt in the water. It is why; before you go inside the lake, you should make sure your skin does not have cuts or wounds.

·        A unique composition of natural salts and minerals

For obvious reasons, seas contain salts. Information obtained from the U.S National Oceanographic and atmospheric Administration state that most oceans have a salt composition of 3.5 percent. These salts come from rocks in the sea bed. Moreover, when rain falls on rocks surrounding oceans, the resulting ions such as sodium and chloride further contribute to an alkaline composition. This phenomenon, in a big way, makes the dead hypersaline.

·        No outlet

The Dead Sea does not have an outlet. It is definitively a salt lake, but that reason together with the location at the lowest point on earth makes the sea a rich source for mineral salts. There are at least six mineral salts unique to the Dead Sea and more than 26 salts/minerals beneath the lake. A study opined that if all the salt in this lake is removed and piled up on every dry land on earth, it would stack up to 150 meters high. Amazing, right?

Well, that is only a drop a fraction of amounts dissolved in the Dead Sea waters. Thus, apart from the lake lacking an outlet, its high salt concentration makes is a persona non-grata for plant and animal life.

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