Dead Sea Mud Mask – Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics

Dead Sea Mud Mask


All-natural Dead Sea mud mask for face and body is incredibly augmented and also includes greater than 27 all-natural minerals. It aids to stop swelling as well as is taken into consideration as an efficient cosmetic item.

Dead Sea Mud contains 3 main portions:

1. CRYSTALLINE PART contains calcium, magnesium and also bromine salt crystals, in addition to of at the very least 20 components required for arrangement of life processes.

2. COLLOIDAL PART includes ferrous sulfate, which adds the mud the grey-black shade.

3. ORGANIC PART includes organic acids as well as various other items consisting of the germs required for physical features.


- gets rid of the body from contaminations as well as toxic substances
- stimulates vegetative nerves
- improves skin turgor and also tones the skin
- turns on neuroendocrine system
- minimizes development of pathogenic microbes
- avoids development of inflammatory processes
- boosts skin tissue renewal processes
- turns on blood flow and also lymphatic drainage
- stimulates skin cell regeneration procedures
- promotes metabolic procedures


- as an added product for scalp care in case of seborrhea, dandruff as well as psoriasis, for conditioning of hair roots in case of early and enhanced loss of hair
- as an aesthetic item for body in order to improve appearances - anti-cellulite, for treatment of limp as well as aged skin
- as a recovery help in case of numerous skin diseases, for example, dermatitis, kinds of chronic eczema and also psoriasis.
- as an aid versus joint discomfort as well as bone-muscle injuries - joint inflammation and osteo arthritis.