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Free shipping for orders over $49.00

Have any Question Give Us a Call +1-91-7722-5950

Distributor/ Wholesale

Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics give you the ability to be as close as possible to Dead Sea wonderful qualities. We are worldwide brand manufacturers of the leading Dead Sea cosmetics and natural products, which have been developed over the years and bring amazing treatment results and more. Each Dead Sea Minerals products have been selected carefully by the “value for money” method, as well as from a manufacturer with many years of experience in cosmetics and skin care.

Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics sells products worldwide through a channel of professional distributors. If you consider yourself wholesaler and looking for professional partner to expand with an additional brands or a distributor with distribution channels with the need of high quality cosmetics products looking to penetrate the cosmetics market, we are the solution.  

Join our successful cosmetics sales network and:

  • Expand sales and revenue by purchasing our products at attractive wholesale rates that give you enough profit margins to sell them to retail stores and chains or directly to the end user.
  • Offer your customers a broader and more diverse product line.
  • Offer your customers unique and proven Dead Sea products to improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers.
  • Work with a reliable and flexible supplier and partner.
  • Make money.

Why choose us?

We are the manufacturers of all the brands so you give our service in first hand and not by third party connection. We are working with the highest standards of quality control - ISO, GMP. We communicate Personally with each and every distributor we doing business with.

Personal Communication

We believe in personal touch with our clients. If you have any problem you can be sure that we will be here for you. You can contact us by phone or email anytime.

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