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Are Dead Sea Minerals Good For Your Skin?

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The Dead Sea is one of the most popular seas for its high concentration of salt. Others have actually nicknamed it the salt sea.

It is approximated to have about 45000 tons of salt within its waters. Some have attributed this to the fact that this sea has no outlet at all; water never flows out of this sea. The salt concentration is about 34%.

Here are some of the facts that Google has on this sea: The Dead Sea is useful for health care and treatment This Dead Sea salt and mud are made of natural minerals that are normally found in human body.

These minerals such as magnesium, calcium bromide, sodium, zinc, boron among others treat all kinds of diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even Crones disease.

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The Dead Sea is the deepest and the richest in healthy minerals

Among all salty waters bodies This sea is said to be 9 miles wide with a length of 50 kilometers. It is 1004 feet deep. Because of its measurable size, many people have opted to call it a lake.

The Dead Sea salts used in cosmetic manufacturing process. The minerals found in the Dead Sea salt are great for skin rejuvenates with powerful moisturizing effects.

Most cosmetic manufacturing companies have taken advantage of this to manufacture good and effective skin care products. An example of such companies is the Dead Sea cosmetic shop which has a variety of products made from these salts and plant extracts found in the Dead sea region.

The Dead Sea Cures Skin Diseases This is contrary to our thinking on how salt should taste. However, this bitters salt is very efficient in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, and eczema.

These salts to be specific bromine also flex stiff body muscles. Around the Dead Sea grows palms rich in minerals and vitamins Around this sea is 618 Acres of land filled with palms.

The palms are normally extracted by cosmetic manufacturers to be used as ingredients. These palm extracts have relaxing and soothing effects on the body because of the vitamin E, A, C and B found in these plant extracts.

The extracts also maintain moisture levels of the skin but replacing any moisture loss from the skin. Dead Sea Discharge Asphalt continuously This sea spits up blocks and pebbles of black substance.

This substance is Asphalt. The Greek name of this sea is Lake Asphaltites. This is because of the Asphalt that was imported from this sea to be used for mummification in Egypt.

The Sea cannot support marine life

High salt concentration in this sea, it cannot support life; this is why this sea has been referred as the Dead Sea. It's worth noting however that during high rainy seasons, the salt is neutralized, and this sea can be a habitat for particular kinds of bacteria and microbial fungi and no Dead Sea fish.

These facts have made this place a destination for relaxation. The sea has been historically referred to as the first heat resort. As it not only enables relaxation but also brings about effective, body functioning and treats all kinds of diseases.

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