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My Review - Canaan Cosmetics Israel Skincare

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Canaan Cosmetics

Dead Sea cosmetics cut across wide-ranging products. From facial moisturizers, bath salts, bathing and hair shampoos to body scrubs, you will be spoil for choices. In this post, I share with you my review of Canaan range of beauty products, but first, here are a few things worth noting:

  • It is important to have a purpose for which you want to buy a skincare product.
  • Always check for quality assurance labels and trademarks to ensure that you are putting your money on an original cosmetic by Canaan.
  • Your skin type plays pivotal in choosing the best cosmetic. While there are products that are compatible with any skin, whether dry, normal or scaly, you may want to consult a dermatologist before making the right selection from Canaan range of beauty products.
  • While cost is equally important when shopping for cosmetics, sometimes you may want to take advantage of discounts and offers using purchase coupons and promo codes to buy these items cheaply.
  • Canaan is a supreme cosmetic brand in the market today, and with a variety of benefits that each product brings, you may want to buy combo quality products for multipurpose skincare.

Now, with the above at the back of your mind, it is time to go through my review of one the best from Canaan cosmetics Israel, a renowned brand worldwide.

Canaan Dead Sea Skin Cleanser Milk for Normal Skin

A good skin cleanser for normal skin is what everyone needs to get started with a body care regimen. Available in 125 ml container, it is ideal for everyday use, especially when removing makeup and skin impurities.

Experience the gentleness of Canaan Dead Skin Cleanser enriched with CSE complex and you will never have to worry about PH imbalances. 

Canaan Facial Nourishing Cream 

Canaan facial nourishing cream not just presence of Dead Sea minerals that make this product one of the best in the market, but also its great formulation.

It contains anti-aging ingredients keeping you away from strong UV rays, CSE Complex and moisturizers.  There is no better way to feel younger, unmatched skin suppleness and healthier.

 It is also ideal for restoring skin tone and removal of impurities such as sebum.   

Body wash cream & bath soap by Canaan

After a long sweaty day, everyone needs a cool and relaxing bath. With Canaan bath soap and body cream combo, you are assured of a gentle stress free shower after which, the invigorating feel is something beyond measure.

It is not only formulated with CSE Complex but also deep skin cleansing agents.  Moreover, Canaan Body wash cream soap help maintain your skin PH while also keeping it completely nourished.     

Canaan Peeling Skin Foot Cream

If you have always struggled with dry feet problems, calluses and dry skin, Canaan peeling foot cream is all you need to get all the worries behind. It is a formulation of peach extracts, CSE Complex and natural oils such as Jojoba to give you a smooth and refreshing feel.

After applying it to your feet and rinsing properly, moisturizing effect of this product takes effect and you can get your happy feet back.

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