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Beauty Life Dead Sea Minerals

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Dead Sea beauty life. The Dead Sea, without a single doubt we can say it as the world’s most amazing place. The rift valley of Jordan is very dramatic and has a beautiful landscape in it. Of course, the Dead Sea is located almost 400 M below the sea level.

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Dead Sea is the saltiest water body found in the world. The deepest point on the face of the earth surface, this vast water body receives a number of incoming rivers including Jordan River. The river gets the water from various water bodies around the Dead Sea.

Once the water reaches the land-locked deepest surface, the water starts to evaporate; leaving all other denser salt particle remains in the Dead Sea itself. This increases the density of the water to the extreme level.

The Mighty Dead Sea is surrounded by mountain to the East border and hills of Jerusalem to the west, which provides the beauty to the landscape of the Dead Sea. The whole area is considered as home of five biblical cities such as Sodom, Adman, Gomorrah, Zebulin and Zoar.

The Jordanian east coast of Dead Sea has become a major sector of religious as well as health & tourism in the world. The persons experiencing respiratory problem seems to benefit from the Dead Sea atmosphere.  The biological effects of the sun’s radiation, local climatic features of the Dead Sea and Special atmospheric constituents made it a popular canter for several types of therapies.  

The water has high mineral content and the pollen content of the atmosphere is very comparatively lower than other areas.  A series of marvelous hotels with spa, excellent road works, archaeological discovery centers and even spiritual centers are located in the landscape of the Dead Sea.

Various discoveries in this region attract visitors from various part of the globe.  Because of its extremely high content of salt and other minerals, the Dead Sea is devoid of plant and animal life. The Dead Sea Water is rich in chloride salts of magnesium and 8% saltier than the other ocean.


Dead Sea Mud


Dead Sea Mud

The natural mud from the shores of the Dead Sea has much mineral content. By the researchers, the mud has been treated as the medicinal one.  The mud excavated from the Dead Sea is used for manufacturing of several cosmetics and also used for treatment of many skin diseases too.  

The atmospheric air in the Dead Sea region is very dry and it is oxygen rich. The oxygen content of Dead Sea is 6 percentages higher than any other place in this world. The air is rich in bromide and saturated with magnesium. This composition helps for treatment of several respiratory problems.

Lung Diseases such as Cystic fibrosis can be cured from the Dead Sea atmospheric air content. The saline water present in the Dead Sea is used for hydro therapeutic treatments; it gives you special buoyancy. In addition to this, the Dead Sea water consists of 24 types of minerals and various salts. Various Healing characteristics are present in Dead Sea.

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