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Dead Sea Mud Soap

Dead Sea mineral salt and mud Soap Dead Sea Mud Soap Dead Sea Soap Sulfur is a fantastic mineral

Dead Sea soap usually contains either salt or mud from the Dead Sea, and both provide the numerous fantastic benefits for skin that Dead Sea beauty and skincare products are known for.

Dead Sea products have an extremely high concentration of beneficial minerals, thanks to the natural process that the products have gone through. Basically, as water flows down the mountains around the sea, it picks up many of the minerals found in the ancient rocks, and once the water reaches the sea, it is then evaporated by the hot weather. As the water is evaporated away, the minerals end up being absorbed into the mud at the bottom of the sea, and the mud is then taken and purified (which removes only the impurities and leaves in the helpful minerals), packaged and sent out across the world.

The mineral content of salt and mud from the Dead Sea is roughly ten times higher than the contents found in salt and mud from other areas, and the benefits have been known by people in the area for centuries. In fact, it’s widely known that even Cleopatra herself used salt and mud from the Dead Sea, and she’s famous for being a truly beautiful and youthful woman.



Benefits of soap

The benefits of soap containing minerals from the Dead Sea are numerous, as it’s packed with many different minerals, each with a different benefit to skin and skin health.

You have minerals such as bromine, magnesium and manganese, which all work to reduce inflammation and swelling in the skin, which reduces the appearance of puffiness, and leads to more toned-looking skin and a more youthful appearance. Working alongside these you also have calcium, iodine, sodium and zinc, which all promote skin cell growth, repair, and regeneration.

They do this by encouraging skin cells to work more efficiently and effectively and by stimulating circulation within the cells, so that they receive more oxygen. The mineral potassium is also a key factor, as it maintains the skin’s natural pH levels and moisture balance, which in turn helps to prevent your skin from becoming too dry or too oily, even after daily wear and tear.

Sulfur is a fantastic mineral for treating acne problems, as it provides anti-bacterial and natural disinfectant properties, which kill off the bacteria that cause outbreaks of spots. For those people who suffer from dry skin, the minerals strontium and boron are the most useful, as they reduce the visible and invisible symptoms of dry, flaky skin and reduce the irritation it causes.

The minerals we’ve talked about above are just some of the minerals that are found in Dead Sea soap, and as you can see, they provide a huge range of benefits, which can help to treat and relieve symptoms of pretty much every common skin complaint. It’s not hard to see why Dead Sea soap has been used for centuries by even the most discerning customers, because its benefits are numerous and obvious.





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