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Dead Sea Salt vs. Regular Salt: What Are the Key Differences in Ingredients and Benefits?

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For many years now, salt remains a vital necessity in kitchens, dining tables and spas. It used to be a symbol of wealth in rich kingdom.

It is because salt isn’t just a food addictive as many would want to assume.


Salt or Dead Sea salt


Dead Sea Salt vs. Regular Salt:

Good health, which includes healthy skin, stable body P.H, optimal temperature, tangle-free hair, crack-free feet among other favorable conditions in the body have a direct link with salt concentration in the bloodstream.

You must have also wanted to find out why diabetic people are advised to avoid taking salt not to mention that people who visit the Dead Sea to soak in its salty waters are equally advised to minimize each swimming session to an average of twenty minutes.

It is because while we all would love a soothing salt scrub to keep blood flow optimal, excessive intake of it through the skin or orally can have catastrophic consequences. 

The worst scenario would be a heart attack, but that is a topic for another.

In this post, we look at salt composition of the Dead Sea, and in particular, the big difference that exist between them and regular table salt.


·        Calcium

Calcium is among the main components of Dead Sea which is limited in regular/common salt. Its significance to the skin cannot be underrated. According to studies, a dive in the Dead Sea, a salt bath or scrub exposures you to the benefits of calcium which include cleansing of sebum, skin cell regeneration/renewal, reduction of wrinkle lines and hydration.


·        Bromide

Bromide is another main component of Dead Sea salt minerals. It provides relief from muscle cramps, calms nerves, repair skin cell, soothes the body and possess powerful revitalizing effects that restores dull complexion.


·        Potassium

While table salts contain limited amounts of potassium, it is plenty in raw Dead Sea salt extract. It is a powerful ingredient that helps with skin moisture retention and reduction of puffiness.


·        Magnesium

Magnesium is a vital Dead Sea salt extraction whose benefits are many. From boosting metabolism in cells, soothing effects, protection from allergens to its wound-healing properties, you have more than enough reasons to start using bath salts.


·        Sodium

Skin cleansing is the main reason why everyone should try Dead Sea salts.  It is because most of the components, including sodium help do away with sebum that clogs pores. Sodium also relieves skin from stiffness, soothes sore muscles, a great defoliant, detoxifies and effective remover of free radicals that cause degeneration of skin cells.


·        Zinc

Another component that distinguishes Dead Sea salt from regular one is the presence of large amounts of zinc. It is a protective skin ingredient that keeps you safe from sunburn, hence present in most sunscreen products and very effective in treatment of acne.

The Bottom Line

There are as many as 26 mineral salts in the Dead Sea, with each contributing to a unique composition you won’t find in regular salts.  

It would also interest you to note that each is essential to the human body in one way or the other.


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