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The Dead Sea's Finest: Explore the Top 15 Dead Sea Mineral Products for Beauty Enthusiasts

Best Dead Sea Mineral Products

Best Dead Sea mineral products did a change in healthy skin care reference.Skin care witch can help skin renew with unique ingredients benefit that make you feel younger and beautiful. 

Before and after the holidays, important to take care of your body shape and your skin health.

Here are our top 15 Dead Sea mineral products for beauty enthusiasts:

1. 100% Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask

100% Pure Natural black Dead Sea Mud Mask for acne and psoriasis

Nature is the best remedy for every ailment. That’s why we have brought you something completely natural for your skin. The natural Dead Sea mud mask, with more than 27 natural minerals, feeds your skin well. Also, its advanced formula gently purifies and cleans clogged pores, and as a result, your skin regains its natural glow. After effective cleaning, the minerals in our Dead Sea Mud Mask aid in skin renewal by gently exfoliating dead skin cells, excess oil, and toxins. As a result, newer, softer skin with a radiant glow appears on the surface. Owing to opening clogged pores by removing dirt, dead skin cells, and oil, our Dead Sea Mud Mask reduces pores.


2. Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel - Face Peel Containing Dead Sea Minerals and Nut Shell Powder


Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel - Face Peel Containing Dead Sea Minerals and Nut Shell Powder - Exfoliating Gel And Blackhead Remover



  • GENTLY EXFOLIATES - The Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel exfoliates gently without hurting or irritating skin. The Dead Sea Facial scrub works well even on dry, oily or sensitive skin.
  • REMOVES DIRT AND GRIME - This exfoliating face scrub rids skin of grime which inhibit skin from breathing. Nourish your skin simultaneously with this skin peeling gel.
  • RADIANT SKIN - This peeling gel helps reverse damage caused by exposure to the elements. More effective than chemical peel gels.
  • MULTI-PRONGED BENEFITS - A gentle exfoliant, the Dead Sea Peel gel can be used by all skin types. Get all of the benefits of glycolic acid and chemical peels, and none of the pain!
  • REVERSES AGING SIGNS - The mild but effective exfoliator reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The anti aging face peel also gives skin a firm and youthful appearance.


3. Premier Dead Sea BIOX total age defying cream

 Premier Dead Sea BIOX total age defying cream, face moisturizer, Anti Aging face Cream, Intensive Wrinkle cream firming skin care, Classic collection, retinol Cream Lotion


  • ADVANCED ANTI AGING & ANTI EXPESSION MARKS An advanced, anti aging face cream ideal for all skin types to help fight the aging process and restore skins youthful appearance. HYDRATING, NON-GREASY, NON-TACKY LIFTING & PROTECTING WRINKLE CREAM FORMULA that visibly minimize lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging skin, lifts. An advanced face moisturizer for soft wrinkle free looking skin with penetrating moisture that can be worn under make-up to provide hydration all day.


  • MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTS: Being hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for all skin types, and suitable for sensitive skin tested PREMIER DEAD SEA SKIN CARE is the brilliant fusion of nature and technology into skin care treatment by using all the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals, nature’s splendor of plant extracts, and liposomes to unlock all that nature offers while refining, replenishing, and making skin healthier and younger-looking;




4. SEACRET Balancing Facial Serum

SEACRET Face Serum - Balancing Facial Serum Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Improves complexion and boosts skin luminosity

SeacretTM Balancing Facial Serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Containing a concentrated combination of Vitamins, Dead Sea Minerals, Herbal Extracts, Amino Acids, and Carbohydrates, known as skin nutrients and stabilizers. This formula adds just the right amounts of nutrients and moisture to refresh your appearance for a more youthful look.


5. AVANI Classics Skin Renewal Facial Peel

Avani Classics Skin Renewal Facial Peel - Brightening & Anti-Aging Formula - Exfoliating Cream with Vitamin C & E & Dead Sea Mineral - Safe & Gentle

  • SKIN RENEWAL FACIAL PEEL - Revitalizes dull, stressed skin by removing surface cells revealing a more radiant complexion - 1.7 oz. (single)


  • BRIGHTER GLOW - Promotes even tone, refines texture, and minimizes pore appearance through Dead Sea Minerals, vitamin E, vitamin C, witch hazel, and green tea.


  • NON-EMBRACIVE CLEANSING FORMULA - Rids the skin of excess oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities.
  • ALL SKIN TYPES - Protects against environmental effects while balancing the natural moisture levels of the skin.


6. Puffy Eyes Treatment Instant results

Puffy Eyes Treatment Instant results – Naturally Eliminate Wrinkles, Puffiness, Dark Circle and Bags in Minutes – Hydrating Eye Cream w/ Green Tea Extract, Dead Sea Minerals by SEAMANTIKA

  • LOOK YOUNGER, INSTANTLY – Tired of wasting time and money on treatments and procedures that keep letting you down? With SEAMANTIKA, our patented Eyeliss Complex is an instant wrinkle remover that gives you immediate results you can see! In just 5-7 minutes you’ll enjoy firmer, plumper, smoother, and more youthfully radiant under eyes for up to 10 hours.


  • SAY GOODBYE TO EMBARSSING DARK CIRCLES – Nobody will ever know whether you got a full night’s sleep when you use SEAMANTIKA’s brightening eye cream for wrinkles. Add our innovative dark circles under eye treatment to your skin care routine and banish puffy eyes for good! Now you’ll always appear well rested.


7. AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter, Facial Serum

AHAVA Crystal Osmoter 6 X Intense Wrinkle Reduction and Firming Serum. 1 Fl. Oz, Anti Aging Face Serum

Best facial serum is hard to turn down, and that why Ahava’s is hard to ignore among top best cosmetics from Dead Sea. Reduces wrinkles, moisturizers, firms your skin and enhance it enhances, thanks to wide array of mineral salts combination.


8. AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate Serum

AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate Serum

Ahava's Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate features 3X the concentration of Osmoter to revitalize and moisturize skin. Helps increase cellular energy, improving skin's natural detoxifying system and providing greater clarity to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Cucumber and Aloe Vera calm skin, helping to reduce puffiness.

9. -417 Dead Sea Cosmetics Eye Serum

-417 Dead Sea Cosmetics Intense Recovery Peptide Eye Serum- Natural Time Control Recovery For the Eye Area- Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Firming and Tightening Retinol Serum

  • ANTI AGING EYE SERUM: Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with our vitamin moisturizer eye creme. This innovative anti wrinkle eye cream formula absorbed into the skin, leaving it leaving soft and protected while preventing skin from showing signs of aging.


  • ELIMINATES WRINKLES & HEALS DAMAGED SKIN: Strengthens the natural protection of the skin and provides optimum nourishment for all skin types. Our time control recovery eye serum provides immediate improvement in firmness and skin elasticity.


10. SEACRET Age Define Restore face serum

SEACRET Face Serum - Bio Skin Glow Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Serum for Face

Highly concentrated nourishing serum with an ultra-smooth silky texture, to prepare the skin for moisturizing.

  • Provides a pure, concentrated dose of vital ingredients.
  • Helps to reduce signs of aging and environmental stress.
  • Ideal for preparing the skin for moisturizer and makeup.



11. Seacret Age-defying Refresh - Vitamin Rich Moisturizer

Seacret Age-defying Refresh - Vitamin Rich Moisturizer

Ultra-rich moisturizer, nourish dry skin and helps reduce the signs of aging.

  • Contains vitamin capsules for long-lasting efficacy.
  • Provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Provides healthy-looking skin.


12. Premier Dead Sea SUPREME Perfecting Cream

Premier Dead Sea SUPREME Perfecting Cream for All Skin Types, anti aging, hydrating, moisturizing, quick absorbing

  • This silky lightweight texture moisturizes and softens to leave the skin feeling like velvet
  • Conditions and brightens skin for a healthier complexion
  • Reduces appearance of laugh lines, expression marks, wrinkles
  • Protects skin from ever losing its luster or tone
  • Age defying.


13. Premier Dead Sea Classic Eye Serum, Hypoallergenic

Premier Dead Sea Classic Eye Serum, Hypoallergenic, Age defying, Helps minimize wrinkles, Dark circles, Sagging skin, Reduce bags, with vitamins A & E



  • CLASSIC LUXURY COLLECTION: DEAD SEA PREMIER EYE SERUM will be your daily go-to anti-aging skincare. This light-weight, silky smooth anti-aging serum for face with vitamin E oil and retinol helps treat fine lines and wrinkles and is an advanced dark circles under eye treatment to minimize wrinkles and treat sagging skin, for smooth brightened for unified under eye appearance. Dry, wrinkled skin is hydrated and uneven complexion corrects itself into soft, silky, supple skin without any tackiness.
  • BRIGHTEN & PROTECT SKINCARE - HYDRATING, NON-GREASY AND SILKY SMOOTH – An anti-aging day and night eye serum ideal for treating under eye for bags. This natural facial serum is designed to help lift and restore skin appearance. This face moisturizer eye serum visibly minimizes lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and sagging skin, puffiness and dark circles, and helps to renew the thin, delicate skin around the eyes for a more refreshed and youthful appearance.
  • POWERHOUSE INGREDIENTS This 1.2 fluid ounce of anti-aging eye serum for smoother, younger-looking skin with Dead Sea salt Minerals, vitamin E oil, retinol, locally grown Jojoba oil, and rose hips oil provides rapid hydration to skin, leaving it looking smooth and supple by restoring skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss. Vegan, long-lasting anti-aging moisturizing. Original anti-aging serum. designed, tested and made in Israel in our ISO, GMP certified facility.

14. Queen Odelia Serum with Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Queen Odelia Prickly Pear Serum For Face

Soothing and strengthening facial serum works to target the deep-set causes of premature aging, prevention of skin breakage & dryness. Serum with Prickly Pear oil and Dead Sea minerals for Face by Queen Odelia 30 ml e 1 oz. The serum provides the skin with the necessary lubrication to give it a naturally youthful shine. Lightweight moisturizer that penetrates deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. 


15. New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body - Spa Quality Pore Reducer for Acne, Blackheads and Oily Skin, Natural Skincare for Women, Men - Tightens Skin for A Healthier Complexion

Intensive lifting serum 30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz with high concentration of active ingredients for maximum skin protection. Lifts and restores the skin, rich in Dead Sea minerals, carrot and avocado oil, chamomile, glycerin, camellia leaves and other active components.

These components intensely nourish, moisturize and firm wrinkled, tired and lifeless skin. Contains powerful antioxidants that increase the skin resistance and fully protect it from sun damage and free radicals. 

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