Discover the Wonders of the Dead Sea: Fascinating Facts and Informatio – Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics

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Discover the Wonders of the Dead Sea: Fascinating Facts and Information

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Dead Sea Cosmetics Information. Dead Sea cosmetics are one of the most effective Dead Sea products. That is why you will never regret buying one when you need to keep up with your daily personal hygiene and in case you want to look and feel beautiful.

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There are so many Dead Sea cosmetics that are being offered in the market. You just have to choose which one is the best for you. If you want to have a little glimpse of Dead Sea cosmetics, you can check out Dead Sea cosmetic shop to view the wide variety of products.

More than 1300 feet underneath sea level, the coasts of the Dead Sea blot the world’s lowest distance from the ground and the view of one of nature’s furthermost wonders. Nourished by the Jordan River, the Dead Sea’s essential minerals are rich in salts and mud.

Dead Sea cosmetics have exclusive healing value, acting to intensely rinse out and tone at the same time as restoring the skin’s usual PH level.

In Dead Sea manufacturing, hemp is one of the most misunderstood plants in the world. It is more popularly known and used in fabrics for more than 10,000 years. But, nonetheless, hemp has recently been included into skin care products – as such in Dead Sea Cosmetics. As a natural foundation of indispensable fatty acids and proteins, hemp helps to nurture and dampen the skin.

Also, lavender oil is a complementary mineral of Dead Sea Cosmetics. Spa therapists take in it in a crowd of accepted aroma therapies. Dermatologists advertise its effectiveness and efficiency in treating diseases like acne, as well as irritations and oily skin to make sure that you can have a radiant glow.

Now, you can take note of the following information to know why Dead Sea cosmetics are the best for you:

  • Dead Sea Minerals Skin care:Our scientists put plants oil based as: Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot oil, Grape seed oil, Sesame oil and Almond oil that absorbed easily by the skin, leave soft feeling and have nourishing effect.
  • Dead Sea spa: Plant extracts were known in the ancient time as medicinal ingredients, in body treatment it make wonders has anti-bacterial and soothing qualities, as well as helps skin cell restoration and reduces the skin's sensitivity.
  • Dead Sea Body Care: It improves blood flow and assists in the regeneration of skin cells and protects and moisturizes the skin. The Dead Sea mud and salts are 100% natural; in every country you will feel like you have been in Dead Sea.

All of these contain the powerful force of CSE Complex™.

The CSE Complex™ combined with minerals from Dead Sea, the best plant extracts from Dead Sea region and high concentration of vitamins E, A, C, B. 

The combinations make Canaan facial skin care treatment line unique with great effect on skin cells. Lastly, the minerals are elements found in earth and needed in human body as building skin, hair and healthy function of the body.


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