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Does Chocolate Cause Acne Pimple?

added to chocolate can cause acne does chocolate cause pimple Does eating chocolate cause acne?

Chocolate is a popular food that many people love. It is perfect for snacks and desserts. Although its signature is the delicious flavor, it also has some elements that require some attention. One of them is related to its link to acne. It is common to find around some comments linking a chocolate bar with acne outbreaks. But is chocolate really the cause? Or is it just a sort of urban legend? We will check some facts and evidence to find out an answer. 

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How does acne start?

Acne is a skin condition produced for the overproduction of sebum and skin cells. That sets the perfect environment to clog the pores and attract more bacteria. The results are blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

Potential causes of acne

  • Immune response to bacteria's found in the skin
  • Hormonal or gut unbalance 
  • Allergies
  • Diet

How diet can cause acne

According to some research, diet can be a decisive factor that produces acne outbreaks. But not any type of diet. It is food that contains an excess of sugar, chemicals, trans fats, and processed animal products. In other words, modern and industrialized diets. This diet is already responsible for developing many diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer, So, is chocolate part of that type of food? To answer that question, it is necessary to understand what chocolate is and how it is made.

The preparation of chocolate

Chocolate is a paste made of cocoa beans extracted from the cocoa tree. These beans have a high nutritional value that includes vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants. Moreover, they also contain carbohydrates, protein, natural sugar, and natural fat. 

Contrarily, to prepare the paste of several types of chocolate it is necessary to mix it with milk, sugar, and other ingredients. The final result is a delicious snack or dessert full of calories, oil, and sugar. It is also possible to find natural chocolate bars that do not include additional ingredients. However, people use it to add it to recipes that contain other ingredients.  

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Chocolate and acne 

Initially, when a chocolate mixture contains only raw cacao beans and doesn't contain additional ingredients, it doesn't produce negative effects. On the contrary, when it contains additional fat, sugar, and chemicals, it can be a potential source to produce acne. The additional ingredients can fuel the overproduction of sebum and bacteria. Moreover, they can contribute to creating digestive unbalance and provoke bad processing of the food. 

In the end, it is processed food that is added to chocolate that can cause acne. This is why chocolate has such a bad reputation. But you don't have to fear eating chocolate from time to time. It is difficult to have an acne outbreak just getting one. Instead, it would need to be part of an unhealthy diet or be consumed in big quantities. Like many other foods, it is convenient to eat chocolate moderately.  

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