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Dry Hands Can Be Softer

Canaan Dead Sea Minerals & Herbs Dead Sea Cosmetics Dry hands can be softer Hand Cream

Canaan Dead Sea Minerals & Herbs

Canaan Dead Sea Minerals & Herbs hand cream (125 ml) is one of the products proudly offered by Dead Sea Cosmetics.

It has a rich and nourishing formula that protects skin from the environment and weather as it smooth away roughness and reduces irritation.

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This rich and highly nourishing formula also helps in absorbing the skin quickly and evenly. As a result, this would leave both your hands smooth, oil-free, soft, and glowing.

In addition, this silky cream is absorbed quickly and will make your hands soft and smooth, due to its Vitamin C and CSE Complex™ infused formulation.

The mineral and vitamin C rich formula, accented by our health-inducing CSE Complex™, Smooth in a generous amount all over your hands and massage gently.

Many of the users love to have Dead Sea hand cream. It is perfect for use at any time that is why it can absorb easily all day long.

Since the product contains gentle odor, it is safe for those who have sensitive sense of smell.

One of the problems we all have is having cracked skin hand. It is not pleasant to look at as well as it is very disgusting to feel.

It acts deeply to protect your skin from harsh environmental and weather conditions as it smooth away roughness and relieves irritation.

Also easy to use; you can just massage a quantity of Canaan’s Hand Cream into your hands as often as you want for better results.

The following are also some of the additional effects of using Canaan Dead Sea Minerals & Herbs hand cream:

  • Hand creams regularly contain ingredients designed to counter signs of aging.
  • Hand cream is cheaper than face cream.
  • Hand creams can make skin look shiny and block pores.
  • Hand cream can leave skin looking shiny and cause reactions or blocked pores on the face.
  • Hand creams contain glycerin, which is good at drawing water to the skin.
  • Hand creams contain a soy extract that’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of brown spots and, crucially for an anti-ageing product.
  • It has high-powered moisturizers such as mineral oil, seed oils, shea butter, and royal jelly extract - in fact, more than half of the face cream ingredients are in the hand cream.
  • Hand creams have anti-ageing ingredients in it, always a plus when it  comes to anti-aging and a  load of striking active agents that aren’t in the face cream, such as retinol, glycolic acid and salicylic acid — all exceptional for  promoting exfoliation — as well  as soy and vitamin C, known to act on pigmentation, and a propel of antioxidants
  • You will also find antioxidants like vitamin E, grape-seed oil and Coenzyme Q-10, as well as carnitine, which increases skin elasticity, niacinamide, which improves the skin’s barrier function and can help with pigmentation problems, and retinol, which improves cell turnover. Plus it goes on easily and is quickly absorbed.





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