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Is Female Hair Loss Inherited From Mother Or Father?

Female Hair Loss female hair loss pattern

Hair loss, many have argued is genetic. But the question is how true their claim, especially regarding female hair loss is? If you have not heard or read about it, a notion that hair loss in women is hereditary is a debatable.

There have been attempts to explain it, yet no been binding conclusion has been reached. But let’s face it. When you thought that balding in women is hereditary, studies have sought to disprove it. From our end of the bargain, saying that women lose their hair because of some genes from their fathers is partly unfounded.

You could say it is too simplistic an argument to believe or maybe, make-believe. But let’s explore further. There is a real chance that female hair loss is a product of many factors at play.

Take for example, environment, which we can attribute to exposure to UV rays. Also, a combination of genes from both parents makes for a sensible argument than blaming either of the parents or grandparents.

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What do studies say?

According to several studies, there is a real chance that hair loss in women, especially at early stages in life is a result of the x-chromosome. That would mean we start pointing accusing fingers at the mother. But wait! Are you going to blame your mother for baldness or a rapidly receding hairline? We digress!

Scientific studies have sought to disapprove a claim that hair loss is women is squarely on x-chromosome. In as much as there is some truth in it being a hereditary condition, explanations for it are far much complex than most people think. According to medics, there is more accuracy in blaming both parents for hair loss genes.

You could take a walk down your lineage, especially from grandparents to see where the problem begins. A medical doctor from Mayo Clinic, however, opines that there is no exact pointer to which genes cause hair loss.

While studies show a correlation between DNA and baldness, it also goes deeper than most people think. In the end, a common agreement has been that baldness can be inherited from either parent. Combined with other factors, the problem of hair loss becomes more manifest as one grows older, especially past the age of 60’s.

Myths add to confusion

Myths surrounding hair loss in women are many and proffer different viewpoints on a problem that affects thousands around the world. While many experts argue that baldness in related to x-chromosome, it is not entirely true.

There is always a real chance that a man woman whose father is bald is also likely to have a receded hair. That should debunk the myth that only mothers are blame for female hair loss pattern.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the truth about hair loss in women boils down to a question of who should we blame? Well, based on findings and opinions expressed in this post, one’s DNA from both parents can either increase or decrease chances of hair loss.

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