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Floating And Swimming In The Dead Sea

Floating in Dead Sea Swimming in the Dead Sea

Floating in Dead Sea. Having an experience of Dead Sea floating is really amazing and charming to visit a place alike. Dead Sea is filled with salinity that has greater density than human body so it will float on Dead Sea surface rather than swimming.

Most of Tourists attract towards Dead Sea floating because human bodies are more buoyant in Dead Sea as salt concentration is almost ten percent higher than Ocean and density is greater than ordinary water as more salt dissolved in Dead Sea.


Dead Sea Floating is more preferable as there is no danger of fish like sharks or other aquatic organisms. Dead Sea floating is simply an effortless floating on Dead Sea surface that is possible by higher density as there is no life in Dead Sea so it allows swimmers body to flow more comfortably and create a great experience whether you have no knowledge of swimming as well.


Floating in Dead Sea


People those who prefer Dead Sea floating have less chances of drowning, just need to avoid a myth that you can’t drown during Dead Sea Floating.

Dead Sea floating give lots of benefits as all salt of minerals collected in this pool only and you can get rid of problems like arthritis or other ailments like pains or ache that affect your body. Dead Sea floating refreshes your mind, relaxes your body and gives mental peace also.

Most of body is in underwater in case of unsalted water while in Dead Sea floating most of body part floats on top surface of water so almost no chances of sinking that body that displaces a mass of water equal to body mass.





Dead Sea floating is responsible for several deaths also as higher amount of salt affects kidneys and breathe stroke too, as people don’t obey rules of Dead Sea floating and it affects electrolyte balance of body also as some of water get inside your body through mouth while floating.

The best way of Dead Sea floating is to lift up your head out of sea water and float on your back as salty water pushes you up and the point to note here that your feet can’t stay at bottom of salty water because of high density.




Mud near Sea shore proves beneficial for therapeutic purposes as it has many minerals so people used to buy mud packets while enjoying Dead Sea floating.

This salty water gives greasy feel to touch during Dead Sea Floating that may help in skin therapies or to rejuvenate your skin too.

Jordan River water is one of major source of forming Dead Sea floating as water trapped into it and evaporates regularly and ultimately only salt left, in this way concentration of salt keep on increasing in such a way that you can see salt crystals even!


Dead Sea

Floating in Dead Sea is one of major attraction of Israelis that seems like heaven from naked eyes. Dead Sea floating gives peace of mind which is very essential for healthy balanced life!


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