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Hair Loss No More: Proven Techniques to Regain Your Hair

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Whether hair loss leads to baldness or a hairline that recedes considerably, worry is often evident. However, finding the right solutions boils down to knowing the cause of alopecia. If you are losing hair because of vitamin deficiency or stress, you will always know where to begin. But take note that not everyone would be aware they are losing hair until signs start showing. Take, for example, stress related hair loss where you will be plucking body hair unknowingly.


Moreover, Telogen effluvium, a type of alopecia, often resolves on its own. But that should not mean you sit back and wait for something to happen. While everyone loses hairs every day, which is a normal phenomenon, losing more strands than necessary should be alarming. It is that time you must seek help from a medical expert on the way forward. So, the big question is how can you stop hair loss? Well, let’s walk you through a few remedies that work.

 how to prevent the hair loss naturally

Tips on stopping hair loss

Are you losing many strands of hair on your scalp every day and it is beginning to wreck your nerves? Have you sought a remedy to no avail? Well, we know how stressing it can be to go bald and do nothing about it. While others have become used to baldness, and even made it a hair grooming style, some instances of alopecia should not be ignored. The following remedies should help restore your hairline:


When you lose many hairs in a day, the first question one should ask is are you taking a balanced diet? You should already know that malnutrition is a major cause of hair loss, thus, dieting tops our list of remedies. Because you must eat something, at least every day, ask this question: Does it boost hair growth or discourage it?

According to studies, foods such as vegetables, fruits, basil and other greens enhance hair growth. They make for a Mediterranean diet any doctor who understands alopecia will recommend.

Intake of supplements

Food supplements are product of nature. And for someone who is losing his or her hair at an alarming rate, multivitamins, biotin, vitamin D, palmetto and ginseng should help improve hair growth. Palmetto, according to experts, is a derivative from pine trees and it helps sustain testosterone hormones at optimal levels.


Vitamin A

You should not worry about hair loss as long as there are rich sources of vitamin A.  According to studies, it does not only boost sebum production but also boost hair growth. Some sources of vitamin A are carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes.


Wash your hair regularly using essential oils

Keeping your scalp clean every day help boost production of hair follicles, hence more hair growth. Most importantly, you should apply essential oils from coconut, lemon and oil for even better results.  Coconut oil, for example, guards the scalp against harmful UV rays that often cause loss of hair. That is not to mention that it also promotes blood flow to the scalp and keeps hair protein sufficient.



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