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How Can You Re Establish Wellness Post Pandemic?

Establish Wellness Post Pandemic

Though staying in is healthy to an extent, many folks are finding that they feel sluggish and aren’t looking their best as society reopens. Whether you want to continue staying in or hope to head out, sprucing up your habits and appearance can do wonders for enhancing your mood and confidence.

Dead Sea Cosmetics wants every person to feel beautiful and healthy – from the inside out. Try these tips for boosting your wellness on both fronts.

Pamper Your Skin and Senses

Try a soak in a Dead Sea salt blend for a relaxing bath that’s rejuvenating for your skin, too. And while heading to the beauty parlor might still be a no-no, you can indulge in many skin treatments at home, including remedies to banish acne and clear your complexion. You can stock up by shopping online, so your skin is ready whenever you venture into non-socially distanced situations again.

Dress Your (Current) Body

Many people dream about losing weight or gaining muscle and changing their entire wardrobe. Wishful thinking could cause you to waste money on a closet full of items you’ll never wear. Instead, consider comfortable and versatile staples that work with your existing shape. From loose-fitting dresses to easy fitting

 tops for nursing to slimming leggings, you can be comfortable and look presentable, too. Plus, buying clothes can be a pick-me-up for your mental health, too.

Stock Your Pantry Well

Snacking throughout the day can be positive or negative, depending on what’s on your plate. Skipping junk means you’re gaining more nutrition and likely consuming fewer calories. Noshing on wellness-focused food items could help your waistline, of course, but it’s also beneficial for your mental state. In fact, some powerful ingredients can even help relieve depressive symptoms. Think about stocking up on depression-fighting foods like bananas, walnuts, yogurt, and dark berries, for starters.

Adopt Physical Habits

Getting your body moving can serve as a coping mechanism. Many people became more active and fitness-focused than ever during the pandemic. Keep that momentum going by taking virtual classes or hiring a remote personal trainer to work out at home. Self explains that a virtual fitness coach could help you outline meal plans, develop an exercise plan, and offer moral support. Or you could try a new physical hobby like running, biking, or hiking. Some low-contact activities are even enjoyable while social distancing (especially if there’s a net between you and your partner).

Reach Out to Others

Remaining in social isolation is challenging at the best of times. When there’s also an illness circulating, things become even more trying. But as Psychology Today highlights, personal connections can offer immense emotional and mental health support. Texting, video chatting with friends, or writing letters can help lessen the gap between you and your loved ones.

Ramp Up Your DIY Skills

Americans have gone on a DIY binge while stuck at home, but that could be a good thing for your beauty repertoire. In your free time, learning to do your makeup or style your hair could be the uplifting activity you need to feel and look your best.

L’Oréal Paris swears that anyone can learn to Dutch braid their own mane, and it’s worth a try for a quick and comfy look you can wear inside or out. Beginner beauty instruction videos are also a worthwhile use of time if you want to upgrade your beauty game. And when it’s time for a video chat with friends or an online meeting with colleagues, you’ll feel amazingly put-together.

Stepping out into the world is scary for many reasons as restrictions lift. But even if you’re sticking close to home and continuing to brave Zoom meetings, it’s worth investing time and effort in both your appearance and overall well-being. Prioritizing your wellness can help you look and feel better over the long-term – long after the coronavirus has gone.

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