Dead Sea Salts – Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics

Dead Sea Salts



Dead Sea salt with organic minerals and trace elements, containing iodine, bromine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon and sulfur. The salt is used as preventive, toning and cosmetic. 

Dead Sea salt known as having virtues which:

• Helps improving blood circulation and metabolism
• Helps calming skin, relieve stress and muscle tension
• Helps balancing hormonal disturbances
• Has an antiseptic effect
• Helps stimulating fast renewal of tissue
• Helps stimulating the healing process and protect the skin from inflammation
• Helps saturating the skin with oxygen and stimulating renewal processes of skin cells



1. cosmetic and relaxing bath
2. rubbing with salt
3. salt peeling-massage
4. salt compresses
5. salt baths for hands 
6. salt baths for feet