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How Long Should You Leave Dead Sea Mud On Your Face?

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Overall, mud masks are popular due to their extraordinary capacity to absorb impurities from the skin. That may include oil, toxins, and any type of dirt. But such popularity and effectiveness don't imply you can use them as much as you would like. All of it is valid for Dead Sea mud masks too.

Once you spread the mud over your face, you might be tempted to leave it on for hours to get the best of it. But that is not the right way to do it. On The contrary, it is necessary to limit its exposure. So here is how long you should leave it on and the main reasons why.

The content of Dead Sea mud

The origin of this mud makes it more potent and absorbing than other regular mud masks. That is because the mud, that is the base of the mask, comes directly from the mud banks of the Dead Sea.

They are an enriched source of minerals like magnesium, bromide, calcium, sodium, and potassium that were formed during thousands of years. It is precisely this combination of minerals that makes it so purifying and allows it to penetrate the deepest cells of your skin. 

In addition to the natural elements of the Dead Sea mud, different brands and preparations of the mud contain other ingredients. Usually, those ingredients try to enhance the power of the original minerals.

Other times, they seek to add the elements that are missing in the mud. Some of them may work to hydrate, soften, or relax the skin.  Although you can find the purest versions of mud in the market, some versions contain stabilizers and preservatives.

How does Dead Sea mud work?

When you apply mud over your face, it immediately starts opening your pores with a process called vasodilation. That allows the minerals and other ingredients to penetrate deeply into your skin. Also, the stimulation of blood flows toward the surface of the skin.

Finding the perfect time

The time to leave Dead Sea mud on your face should be about 7 to 15 minutes. Such variation depends on the time it takes to dry. Usually, you should apply a thin layer that takes no more than that time to get dried. If it takes longer to dry, the layer might be too thick. In any case, you should never extend the time of exposure beyond 20 minutes. Hence, you can't sleep with it or use it overnight.

During this time, the mud will have enough time to open your pores, stimulate the blood flow, and spread the rich minerals and other ingredients deeply. Leaving the mud for too long can cause extreme redness and irritation. That is because the dilation effect would last too long. Besides, consider that some mud blends include other ingredients that might maximize this effect.

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