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Step By Step Guide: How to Walk on the Dead Sea without Harm

Dead Sea waters How to Walk on the Dead Sea salt concentration swimming in the dead sea

Walking on water is not humanly possible unless you can fly. Thus, there is no doubt that if someone says you can do it, it would probably go down as the craziest prank you ever heard. However, as nature would have it, millions of people from around the world visiting the Dead Sea say it is possible to walk on water.

Apart from being the deepest point on Earth (-430 meters below the seas level), the Dead Sea waters are hyper saline hence denser than freshwater; hence floating requires no training, whatsoever.


Can you drown in Dead Sea waters? Learn from Conan



The truth is that, while there are incidences of people having been pulled from the lake, sinking of objects/bodies is unheard of in the Dead Sea. You can actually sit on top of the water and take a’ selfie’ with friends!  And no matter how hard you would try to dive underneath, it is impossible.

First of all, let’s be clear on the fact that it is not the right place to practice swimming because floating is a breeze and comes naturally.

Secondly, the longer you stay in the salty water, the more irritating it would be to your skin due to high level of salt concentration. Third, once you are in the water, avoid touching your eyes with the water or risk extreme itching on them, something which would beget confusing. Soon, you will be gulping gallons and risking your life because the more salt you take in, the riskier it becomes.

Tips on swimming or walking on the Dead Sea


Are you thinking about testing waters of the Dead Sea by walking on it? Well, don’t be excited just yet, especially if you haven’t read the aforementioned precautionary measures. All the same, here are tips that will make your dream come true:

1.     Don’t wear your white swimsuit

The reason is simple. High level of salt concentration will discolor your swimsuit. And even if you wear a dull one, it is important to rinse it afterwards.

2.     Lie on your back once you are at a point where you can squat

You don’t water to drink the salty water and cut short an experience with the real buoyancy. Thus, once you get in the water, all you have to do is lie on your back and pick up your feet. You will be floating.

3.     Don’t shave two days beforehand

With shaving cut wounds glaring, you can only look forward to a nasty experience in the earth’s saltiest lake. The high salt concentration can make your cuts feel like they are on fire, and what follows can even be worse than you would have anticipated.

4.     Don’t try to swim

Swimming involves pushing water back and forth using your hands, and it can only result to splashing the salty concentration into your eyes.

5.     Don’t jump into the water

For the same reasons as splashing water, avoid jumping into the Dead Sea. Make use of a jetty or a floating raft while also making sure to don’t drink the hyper saline sea water.

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