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Lemon Salt Scrub or Coconut Oil Salt Scrub- How Can You Choose?

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Skin care should be a routine that every man and woman should subscribe to. It can be in the morning or in the evening; the latter is usually what dermatologist approve of. That when you wake up in the morning, a thorough skin care routine is a big necessity to rid yourself of impurities the skin during accumulates during the night.

It is very necessary for those who only bath once in some countries. As the largest body organ, the human skin is involved in a range of body functions. Of them all, excretion of wastes such as urea in form of sweat remains strongly linked to just why men need to partake on a thorough skin cleansing routine every morning. Sebum is an oily skin excretion.



Very important to the skin development, except that when produced in excess, it quite often makes the skin susceptible to undesirable conditions such as acne. On the contrary, dry skin is always a manifest of a skin that lacks sebum. In either case, everything needs to keep optimal skin functioning and this is why men need to embark on a comprehensive skin care routine.

Skin scrub has proved pivotal in as far as, maintaining skin PH and keeping it aerated is concerned. However, you need to do skin scrub the right way, this also means you must use the right salt scrubs. It is only through this that best results will come your way at the end of the day. Results often become a clear manifest in a matter of weeks.

Salt scrubs are available in cosmetic shops, as over the counter prescriptions but you can actually make one at home using natural salts and herbal extracts. In this post, we look at Lemon salt scrub and coconut salt scrub. These are available over the counter in cosmetic shops, but you can also make them at home. The question is; which one is the best and most importantly, by what criteria do you choose the best between the two salt scrubs? Well, let us look.


Full body scrub or partial body scrub

Body scrub


Body scrubs comes in variety and what you choose always depends on whether you need it for a full body scrub or just a facial, foot and hand scrub.  When it comes to choosing between coconut and lemon salt scrubs, this usually comes to the fore. Coconut salt scrub is ideal for full body scrub whereas lemon body scrub is always preferred for facial scrub to rid the face off excess oil.


Do you need Dead Sea salt scrub for Relaxation or exfoliation?


Well, depending on the type of salt scrub you use, there are always a range of experiences and feelings that come with it. In a case where you want to feel relaxed and soothed, a coconut Dead Sea salt scrub is ideal. On the contrary, lemon scrubs are mostly ideal for skin conditioning such as treatment of facial acne and skin exfoliation. 

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