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Love Is Love: What Does It Mean?

is love is love is love Love is love

Love is love: What does it mean?  Love is love? This may look nonsensical from the foregoing but when looked at expertly, a deeper and meaningful understanding comes to light. To a layman, the term ‘love is love’ would certainly mean that it doesn’t matter what kind of love affair you find yourself in, which means that if your partner is physically or emotionally abusive, you have no choice but to stay because at the end of the day, everyone out there wants to love and be loved in return. Characteristically, most people get into relationships that would meet their emotional needs at all times.

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You want to fall in love with someone who will always appreciate and treasure you. However, in as much as most relationships start on a happy note, sad endings or undesirable progress do set in.  This is to blame for countless divorce cases in the world today. It then becomes illogical how someone can claim to be ‘madly’ in love with a man or a woman, only for the two to separate at some point in the future. Does this mean that love between a man and a woman is no longer a genuine thing?

Of course there are people, men and women alike, who feign love to be with someone they can exploit materially and in other ways. This is fake love as many call it and many a times, it has led to disasters.  For example, imagine yourself falling in love with a lady or a man of your dreams only to learn over time that he or she is not in it for love’s sake but rather for some gains.

You would certainly go berserk, lose your temper and do something silly or regrettable!  In cases where a couple is in love for sex, it becomes a little bit difficult to define such kind of relationship because at the end of the day and in many situations, sexual affairs have ended up in ‘mad love.’ This is to say, sex parse has a way of strongly bonding two people, man and woman together.

Sexual bond is on this premise one big mystery we shall try to unravel in another post. You must have head of the term’ love is love’ and so, apart from the few cases looked into in earlier sections of this post, let’s dig deeper for better understanding.

Love for love’s sake

When the phrase love is love is to be explained literary, one of the most significant things we should look into is why people fall in love in the first place. Well, there is no doubt that people love because they feel attracted to an opposite gender and so, they call it love is love so long as you half a better half who offers emotional support and with whom you can identify.

People fall in love for other reasons

To another person, the phrase love is love certainly means you don’t care about what may come your way for as long as you love someonehow much is love birds to those who subscribe to this school of thought, such barriers as age; class and race simply don’t exist in lovers’ world.

love is love meaning

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