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The Extraordinary World of Dead Sea Minerals: A Special Insight

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Dead Sea Minerals Facts Dead Sea minerals facts which make it special.

Tracing its history from Biblical times to the present day world, the Dead Sea is a place that has continued to draw millions of tourists from across the world.

In fact, Dead Sea remains one of the most visited places on earth. Though many call it a sea but Dead Sea isn't actually a sea but a salty lake.

The sea is not actually dead as the name suggest but is definitive of the beauty of Mother Nature that has seen it retains its glamour and demeanor for over 3 million years. One thing that always baffles many is what is so special dead apart from its Alkalinity that makes it so outstanding.

Let's take a look at a few Dead Sea facts. Lowest elevation below sea level If there is any deep sea, Dead Sea remains unbeatable. Dead seas is said to be lowest point below the sea level measuring up to 377 meters deep.

Medicinal Significance

This is a breath taking depression from which Dead Sea was formed. Medicinal Significance Dead Sea is of greater medicinal value than any other known sea on earth.

Back to the days of ancient Greece and Egyptians, Cleopatra ordered for construction of cosmetic industries around the Dead Sea.

Beneath its deep sea bed lies over twenty minerals with medicinal value. Twelve of these minerals are not found in any other sea. Some of these minerals include bromide, iodine, potassium and calcium.




Today, best cosmetics rang from body creams, bathing soaps, hair oils to gels are made from minerals found in Dead Sea.

Because of its medicinal value, many people from around the world often visit the Dead Sea to lower themselves into its salty water.

In fact, many have witnessed healing from skin diseases such eczema and acne. Hype saline Dead Sea waters Water from Dead Sea tastes bitter than any other from known salty lake.

This is attributed to the fact that, Dead Sea is has very high salt concentration. This is attributed to the fact that there is not river outlet from Dead Sea despite many rivers letting water into it.



High salt concentration

Buoyancy and mineral deposits No known sea has huge number of mineral deposits like Dead Sea.

Examples of such minerals include saline, calcium, potassium, bromide and sodium. Because of the high salt concentration, Dead Sea is a place any heavy object including humans float with ease.

If there is any sea on earth with amazing facts, Dead Sea has it all. From unknown baffling to known facts, Dead Sea harbors richness of Mother Nature.

To this end, it emerges that Dead Sea is both bewildering and amazing going by its many properties that have been discussed. This begs the question; how can one acquire some of its great skin care products if going to the sea itself and dipping yourself into it would be costly? Well, there are many Dead Sea skin care products distributors across the world and it is all but a matter of finding where they are which include conducting online research.



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